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During a job search you can get bogged down by the endless applications and then never hearing back from a company. Bad results seem to just be exacerbated by the pandemic. Here are a few quick tips to help you put your best skill set front and center and stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

The first piece of advice would be to rework your resume to change your job functions and duties into accomplishments. Simply put, duties are what you do and an accomplishment describes how successful you were in doing it. An example would be “Event planning” is a job duty, but “raised $150,000 by selling out tickets to a company event” is an accomplishment. This will stand out to recruiters and hiring managers by visualizing your impact and paint your abilities in a unique light. Everyone has an understanding of what event planning is but when you show accomplishments with specifics it highlights your skills.

Tailor Your Resume

Redo your resume for every job opportunity you apply to. Equally important is having the ability and putting in the effort to represent your skill set fit to any organization. You as a candidate can already see where your skill set is transferable, but is that detail in your resume? If you are putting out the same resume to every job opportunity chances are it is not tailored enough to stand out to recruiters and hiring managers. Taking the time to match your experience to the job requirements and showing where you can make an immediate impact for an organization allows your resume to stand out among others.

Apply on a Tuesday

This may be a surprise to some but numerous studies show that applying for a job on a Tuesday gives candidates the best opportunity to move forward in the process. There are multiple good reasons to apply on Tuesdays. Jason Buss at says, “According to the findings, not only is Tuesday the most popular day for companies to post jobs, it’s also the day when the highest number of people apply for jobs and the most popular day to get hired.” Conversely applying on a Saturday or Sunday are the worst days to apply if hoping to stand out to recruiters and hiring managers..

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