Have You Met Your Match?


Happy Valentine's Day

Do you have the perfect match at work with your role and with your employer?  Find your best match through the Recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates.  Also, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Trends


Valentine's Day packages

$19.6 billion will be spent on Valentine’s Day. Individual consumers will spend an average of $143.56. 55% of the population will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. So reports the National Retail Federation (NRF) in their annual survey of over 7000 consumers. Why? Since retail is the nation’s largest private-sector employer at 42 million working Americans… Read more »

Medical Science Liaison Top Transition Tips


MSL Venn Diagram

Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Necessary Skills Imagine a Venn diagram with two circles slightly intersecting. The first circle contains all the people with doctorates: PhDs, PharmDs, MDs, etc. These people have spent hours and hours in the lab, the library, reading, writing and researching , all solitary pursuits. The second circle contains people with relationship… Read more »

Open Offices Pros and Cons


Open offices comparison

The Chicago Tribune reported, “In 2017 70% of U.S. offices had low or no partitions. Some companies, like Netflix and Hubspot, are completely open offices, even the CEOs don’t have private offices.” Yet Harvard Business School Professor, Ethan Bernstein, found “open offices led to 73% less time in face-to-face interactions and 67% more email and… Read more »

2019 Market Research Outlook


2019 Market Reserach Outlook

As mentioned in previous market research blogs it is currently a candidate’s market. The unemployment rate is extremely low. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that by 2020, 20.5 million new jobs will be added, a 14.3% growth rate since 2010. Some jobs will grow at a much faster rate during this period, and… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics – 2018 Review and 2019 Trends


commercial analytics trends

Overview The pharmaceutical industry began 2018, just like 2017, being very cautious as to how President Trump and his agenda were going to affect the commercial pharmaceutical industry. It was a slow first half of the year for commercial analytics hiring, and then in the second half of the year hiring rebounded dramatically. This growth… Read more »

How Are California Wildfires Affecting Insurance Companies and Homeowners?



The Associated Press reported in December that insurance claims from California’s November wildfires were already at $9 billion and expected to increase. State and Federal authorities estimate it will cost at least $3 billion just to clear the debris of the 20,000 destroyed or damaged structures. In early December a state judge ruled that Merced… Read more »

What is Going On With the U.S. Economy and How Will it Impact Your 2019 Job Search?


U.S. Economy

Are you as confused as I am? How can the stock market be crashing and the “U.S. Economy be alive and kicking,” according to Scotiabank Economics? Is President Trump right that our biggest fear for the U.S. Economy should be interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve? What does the tariff war really mean to… Read more »