Top 15 Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions


pharmaceutical sales interview questions

The ongoing success of our 25 Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions blog prompted Pharmaceutical Sales Executive Recruiter, Nancy Ragonese, to add to that content even more useful information for those interviewing, or maybe even for those doing the interviewing. Nancy still strongly advocates utilizing the STAR technique to prepare for your interview, but she hones in on… Read more »

AI in the Pharma Industry


AI in the pharma industry

The pharma industry’s success at improving the standard of care has actually made the industry’s future more difficult. The effort and expense needed for incremental benefits and added value for patients means diminishing overall return on investments. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence or AI in the pharma industry over the next 10-20 years is expected to… Read more »

Pros and Cons of a Data Scientist Career


data scientist career

Trying to decide whether to expand your already strong analytical skills by getting a master’s in statistics or attending that intensive data science boot camp? Here are some pros and cons for considering a Data Scientist career. Demand and Supply LinkedIn reports a 56% increase in data scientist job openings in the U.S. over the… Read more »

How are Car Insurance Premiums Determined?


car insurance premiums

What state has car insurance premiums 42% below the national average? Maine. What state has car insurance premiums 80% higher than the national average? Michigan. How does this happen? Who is responsible for setting these rates? Actuaries are the analytical professionals who specialize in quantifying risk and uncertainty for insurance companies. Their goal is to… Read more »

Leveraging Advanced Analytics in the Pharmaceutical Industry


leveraging advanced analytics

“Without a doubt, leveraging advanced analytics presents a real and significant opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry,” reports McKinsey in a 2018 article. Pharmaceutical companies know this, they just don’t know how to achieve and quantify business impact beyond hiring the data scientists and investing in the IT infrastructure. McKinsey puts forth five key principles companies… Read more »

6 Common Survey Mistakes


common survey mistakes

Just like a good survey can help a company achieve its goals or resolve its issues, a poorly designed survey can be misinterpreted or misapplied and adversely affect a company’s performance. In order to make good data driven decisions you have to ensure that the data you are basing your decisions on is both valid… Read more »