An Actuary Works Where?!


worker dreaming of an actuarial career

Those who decide to pursue actuarial careers reach that decision somewhere around their sophomore or junior year of college. They major in math or statistics and quickly realize that actuarial science is a great career path with plentiful job opportunities. They begin their job search by looking at large insurance companies and consulting firms. Firms… Read more »

Happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July

From all the Recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates we wish you a Happy 4th of July!   Pharmaceutical Recruiters Commercial Analytics – Eda Zullo Sales – Nancy Ragonese and Carrie Pennoyer Medical Science – Ken Kupersmith Biostatistics – Nihar Parikh Market Research – Lindsey Bartlett and Liz Siegel   Data Science and Analytics‘ Recruiters East… Read more »

6 Data Scientist Frustrations


frustrated data scientist

Being a Data Scientist can be an extremely fulfilling career doing valuable work. It is the top professional position on the Glassdoor, Indeed and Linkedin marketplaces. As with every good thing, though, there are downsides. Here are the most commonly cited Data Scientist frustrations. All-in-One Super Hero You are an EXPERT in business, data, programming… Read more »

Greatest Weakness Interview Question Dos and Don’ts


Greatest Weakness Interview Question

How best to answer the interview question, What is your greatest weakness? Also disguised as: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? What are the parts of this job that will be the most challenging for you? What is something you could have done differently? What would your boss/co-workers/clients say… Read more »

Dramatic Change in Insurance Industry Risk Assessment


Climate change is the underlying reason for a dramatic change in risk assessment for the insurance industry. Robert Muir-Wood, the chief scientist of Risk Management Solutions (RMS), says, “In the past, when making these {risk} assessments, we looked to history. But in fact, we’ve now realized that that’s no longer a safe assumption—we can see,… Read more »

Oncology Market Research – Exciting and Challenging


oncology market research

Why is Oncology Market Research an Exciting Place to Be?   IQVIA reports the number of oncology drugs in clinical development has expanded by 45% over the past ten years. The oncology global pipeline has 631 unique molecules in late-phase development. Oncology growth of 6-9% per year is forecast through 2021. By the end of… Read more »

How to Become a Data Scientist: Masters, Bootcamp or Self-Learning?


The last few years have created a seismic shift in the education choices for wanna-be Data Scientists. Smith Hanley Associates has recruited statisticians for over 37 years and throughout the first 32 years a Masters in Statistics was THE educational method to achieve career success. The size, scope and speed with which data has become… Read more »

Why Credit Risk Managers Should be Actively Using Big Data


Traditional credit risk steps to serve the vast unbanked population include compensating for perceived higher default incidence with higher interest rates or penalties and other fees, or utilizing microcredit where smaller loan amounts over shorter terms are managed through strong relationships between lenders and borrowers. Neither of these methods are ideal or particularly cost effective…. Read more »