Recognizing the Significant Religious Holidays


religious holidays

Passover Today, April 9, is the first day of Passover in the Jewish faith.  Passover celebrates the liberation of the Jews from slavery in Egypt.  Yom Kippur, or the day of atonement, is the most important holy day for Judiasm coming in late September in 2020. Good Friday Tomorrow, April 10, is Good Friday which… Read more »

How to Write the Best Data Scientist Resume Possible


best data scientist resume

The definition of a data scientist is still evolving and means different things to different employers and job seekers.  Presenting a one-size-fits-all resume in your job search does not work. Tailoring your resume to the position you are pursuing is ideal.  Here’s how to present an honest best data science resume possible, but also one… Read more »

Treat Your MSL Interview like a KOL Meeting


MSL Interview

There are many MSL interview tips bandied about: start with a firm handshake and good eye contact, bring copies of your resume or even “Don’t forget to wear matching socks.” (This last tip is my favorite from the movie “A Few Good Men.”) These types of tips can be valuable but they are one-offs, scattered… Read more »

Why Are Data Scientists Frustrated?


data scientists frustrated

Sixty-six percent of data scientists describe themselves as self-taught.  A little more than half said they used online courses to learn new disciplines.  This relatively new discipline of data science is a terrific model of how people can adapt and take advantage of changes in employment opportunity and the importance of lifelong learning. Stack Overflow,… Read more »

What Smith Hanley Recruiters are Saying About the Pandemic Job Market


smith hanley recruiters

Business is continuing for Smith Hanley Recruiters but it certainly isn’t business as usual.  The white collar job market still feels like there is a 3.5% unemployment rate and our clients are anxious to get the help they need. To find candidates for their hard-to-fill openings hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists are willing to… Read more »

Do You Have Hidden Biases in Your Hiring Process?


hidden biases

Hidden biases can mean discrimination but they can also mean limiting your ability to find candidates with skills beyond your “normal” processes.  Promoting diversity and hiring the best possible person for the job can both be impacted by double-checking your processes. Do you always use the same sourcing channels? Of course, you favor channels that… Read more »

Managing Your Commercial Analytics Career


Commercial Analytics Career

In your day-to-day job of utilizing data and analytics to provide your company with information they can use, understand and act on, you touch on many functional areas. You not only support sales and marketing, but you work with non-prescriber groups and the whole commercial model of your organization.  As Peter Harbin, Senior Principal at… Read more »

Happy 40th Birthday Smith Hanley Associates!


Happy 40th Birthday

It’s appropriate that Smith Hanley’s Birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day.  Our founder, Tom Hanley, recently had his geneology done and found out he is 96% Irish. Longevity and consistency are adjectives to describe Smith Hanley. Our average employee tenure is 13 1/2 years with our four partners averaging 33 years! What does all that… Read more »

Building An Effective Data Science Culture


an effective data science culture

Here are five criteria for building an effective data science culture in your organization.  Do you have these in place? Leadership The implementation of an effective data science culture must begin at the top.  The CEO and other key decision makers must fully commit themselves to the cultivation of analytics.  Many firms make their first… Read more »