I’m an Actuary. How Do I Know if I am Fairly Compensated?


Think you are underpaid?  Is there a possibility you are overpaid and might not be able to change jobs as a result?  The great football coach, Bill Parcells said, “You are what your record says you are.” Here are a few ideas on how to figure out if you are under or over paid. Salary… Read more »

Market Research 2018 Salary Analysis


2018 salary analysis

2018 has been a great year! While working hard helping our clients fill their vacancies, we’ve noticed a few trends and our salary analysis that we’d love to share. Higher Salaries We speculate there has been an increase in overall compensation for three main reasons: MMR Programs There are now several more universities providing Master… Read more »

What Are Your Qualifications as an Entry-Level Data Scientist?


entry-level data scientist

You’re an entry-level data scientist and you are asked in an interview to describe your skill set. What is the best way to answer that question? Smith Hanley offers up an interesting approach.   Software The foundation of my skill set for doing data science starts with my programming skills. I have used both R… Read more »

Doing Data Science Right


do data science right

Michael Li and Matt Maccaux of O’Reilly.com used two terms that perfectly define the struggle firms are having in building a data science function and monetizing that work: 1. Organizational Maturity 2. Scalability Limitations As recruiters of data scientists we have many clients interested in doing advanced artificial intelligence or machine learning work before they’ve… Read more »

Is Your Hiring Process Competitive in a 3.8% Unemployment Market?


hiring process best practices

The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since 1969. Candidates have options. The best candidates are in high demand. For hiring companies to get these candidates they will need to do more courting. Because it was a seller’s market, many hiring companies built more hurdles into their hiring process. Some of these hurdles… Read more »

How to Answer: What are your salary expectations?


salary expectations

Yes, a number of states don’t allow employers to ask your current salary, but they can still ask what your salary expectations are as part of the interview process. Here’s how to prepare an informed answer that will sound reasonable and hopefully get you what you want. Salary History If you are in a state… Read more »