Hot Jobs: Data Scientist and Actuary


hot jobs

Recently Crain’s Chicago Business writer Judith Crown highlighted the insights of Smith Hanley Associates’ Data Science and Analytics Recruiter, Nancy Darian, in an article titled, Hot Jobs: The most in-demand, well-paying positions now. Three of those hot jobs are part of the Smith Hanley recruiting practice and these niche recruiters offer their insights. The downturn… Read more »

How to Stand Out to Recruiters and Hiring Managers


stand out to recruiters and hiring managers

During a job search you can get bogged down by the endless applications and then never hearing back from a company. Bad results seem to just be exacerbated by the pandemic. Here are a few quick tips to help you put your best skill set front and center and stand out to recruiters and hiring… Read more »

Will COVID-19 Change BioPharma Commercial Analytics?


biopharma commercial analytics

While COVID-19 continues to spread across the world it has, amazingly, had some positive impact on the way the pharmaceutical industry works. Some trends that had already started are being accelerated and some new ways of working to combat the virus will hopefully change the way biopharma works for the long-term. Here are some changes… Read more »

5 Reasons for Continuing Talent Acquisition During a Recession


continuing talent acquisition during a recession

We may not know when this pandemic will end or when a vaccine will be available, but we do know some things. We know we are in a recession now. We know many people have lost their jobs and want a new one. As Talent Acquisition professionals we know there are things that we can… Read more »

Diversity in the Pharmaceutical Industry


diversity in the pharmaceutical industry

Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians, reported Stephanie Overby in her blog on Overby goes on to say that organizations with inclusive cultures were six times more likely to be innovative and agile, eight times more likely… Read more »

White-Collar Hiring: Will There Be a Post Labor Day Surge?


white-collar hiring

As we have reported in the past, Labor Day typically signals a return to active recruiting and white-collar hiring after the August vacations. But the core unemployment rate keeps rising for workers with a bachelor’s degree, by 1.7%, versus .7% for those with a high school degree or less says . Job postings for… Read more »

The MSL Strategic Plan: More than Gathering Insights


MSL Strategic Plan

One of the bright lights to come out of the darkness of the Covid-19 Pandemic are the Friday weekly webinars from the MSL Society. I put out summary notes from a previous webinar about How MSLs are Coping with the Pandemic because I thought the content was so compelling. Here I am back to the… Read more »

The Why and How of Becoming an Actuary


becoming an actuary

Are you deciding on your college career path? Are you thinking the pandemic offers you an opportunity to change career direction? You should consider an actuarial career path. Here is the why and how of becoming an actuary. Why Becoming an Actuary is Worth It Between 2018 and 2028 the Bureau of Labor Statistics says… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics Evolution


commercial analytics evolution

Sometimes previous blogs just keep cropping up as interesting and relevant.  Our blog on pharmaceutical commercial analytics evolution keeps coming to the top of the feed.  Here it is, slightly refreshed, for your reading pleasure. Commercial Analytics Evolution – Past Rely on prescription data to assess the value of a brand. Rely on drug distribution… Read more »

Why and How You Need to do User Experience Research


user experience research

“Crafting a user experience without user research is basically educated guesswork,” says Jonathan Deesing of Cvent. Often companies feel user research is a department that costs extra money and slows development timelines for results that have a mysterious, undefined value. New products have to get designed and built but user research isn’t a necessity. Here… Read more »