Hiring a Data Scientist – Why Is It So Hard?


Hiring a data scientist

“Demand for data scientists is off the charts,” so says the LinkedIn Workforce Report from August 2018. “Data Science skills shortages are present in almost every large U.S. city. Nationally, there is a shortage of 151,717 people with data science skills with particularly acute shortages in New York City (34,032), the San Francisco Bay Area… Read more »

Actuary’s Industry Choice: Consulting or Insurance?


actuary's industry choice

You know the stereotype of an actuary’s industry choice between consulting and insurance, right? Consulting means more money and more variety but worse work/life balance and less job security. Working for an insurance company means garnering in-depth specialization skills, great job security, better support for exam taking, better work/life balance but rigid career path and… Read more »

2019 100 Best Jobs from U.S. News and World Report


best jobs

#1 Software Developer #2 Statistician #3-#16 Health Care Related Positions #17 Mathematician Since Smith Hanley Associates recruits Data Scientists and has for the last 30 years, we are always excited to see our specialty at the top of the “best jobs” lists. For statisticians/data scientists this has been the case for, at least, the last… Read more »

PMSA Conference 2019: Designing the Future of Analytics in BioPharma


PMSA Conference

The Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) 2019 Annual Conference is a “fraternity of like-minded people,” according to Jassi Chadha of Axtria. Lauren Tian of Novartis says going to the PMSA conference is like a “family reunion” where she partakes in a “happy discussion about our work and our future.” The PMSA conference held this year… Read more »

Why to Use a Recruiter, and How to Get the Most out of Them


Using a Recruiter

In my prior life as a consumer insights professional, I viewed recruiters/headhunters as part of my network of professional colleagues. I was always happy to take their calls to hear about jobs being offered. Since I’ve transitioned into a recruitment role, however, I’ve been exposed to a multitude of research professionals who have a more… Read more »

Data Scientist Education – PhD, MS or BS?


data scientist education

In this age of online learning there has been a trend in Data Scientist hiring to include candidates with only a bachelor’s degree as long as they have done some intensive, applicable boot camp training, research with their professor or sophisticated internship. Proficiency or near-proficiency with Python and R also make a difference. Is this… Read more »