8 Inspiring Actuarial Statistics


actuarial statistics

Sometimes the day-to-day nitty-gritty of your job can feel narrow or run-of-the-mill. Step back and consider these inspiring actuarial statistics about your chosen profession, and realize you made the right choice! One of the most inspiring actuarial statistics is that the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)  predicts a 22% increase in the number… Read more »

4 Reasons Why Employers Should Support Remote Work


support remote work

Cheating on time cards or cheating on a drug test are considered criminal activity. Employer concern about employees cheating on their work schedule when they work remotely is not criminal but does it negatively impact productivity or even just the employees commitment to their company? Portia Twidt of Marietta, George said, “They feel like we’re… Read more »

Consumer Insights versus Shopper Insights


consumer insights versus shopper insights

Defining Consumer Insights versus Shopper Insights comes down to who is the focus of the research being done? Are you analyzing the person making the purchase decision, the shopper, or are you assessing the person using the product, the consumer? Both Insight teams within a market research organization or company don’t have to be separated,… Read more »

Pharma Patient Influencers


patient influencers

Cystic fibrosis patient influencer, “I think using patient advocates instead of paid actors goes a long way in getting others to trust the company and the product.” Patient influencers have existed for over a decade but only in recent years have pharma marketers pursued a relationship with them for the value they can bring to… Read more »

Vaccine Mandates: Can My Employer Make Me Get Vaccinated?


vaccine mandates

The short answer to ‘Can my employer make me get vaccinated?’ is YES. Multiple federal agencies and acts are involved in the right of vaccine mandates: the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the American Disabilities Act (ADA), the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Health Insurance Portability and… Read more »

What are your salary expectations? Is this a legal question?


your salary expectations

Yes, a number of states don’t allow employers to ask your current salary, but they can still ask what your salary expectations are as part of the interview process. Here’s how to prepare an informed answer that will sound reasonable and hopefully get you what you want. Salary History If you are in a state… Read more »

Why is Python THE Language for Data Science?


Python is THE language for Data Science

“Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning, and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we’re looking for more people with skills in this language,” said Peter Norvig, Director of Search Quality at Google, Inc. Even if there was no other reason… Read more »

How Do I Learn Machine Learning from Quora via KDNuggets


how do I learn machine learning

This is an oldie but goodie from Matthew Mayo at KDNuggets. Mayo, an aspiring machine learning scientist, presented a Quora post titled ‘How Do I Learn Machine Learning?’ as a robust resource for fledgling data scientists. This Quora post had 93 answers and more than 468,000 views and Mayo felt a number of the contributions… Read more »

Good and Bad End of Interview Questions


end of interview questions

There is some consistency about what applicants are recommended to ask for end of an interview questions, but that doesn’t mean all of those end of interview questions are good. Don’t fall into the traps of playing “gotcha” with your interviewer, trying to show how smart you are to their detriment, or sounding like a… Read more »

Drugmaker Winners and the Next Decade’s Losers


drugmaker winners

Drugmaker winners can acquire drugs, raise prices on existing drugs or focus on growing existing drugs to improve revenue. The biggest drugmaker winners though come from new drug approvals that can increase revenue for years, and also prove the long-term worth of a company’s research and development program. Blockbuster drugs coming off patent and facing… Read more »