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traits of a great leader

Traits of a Great Leader

When someone ask you the names of great leaders do you immediately think of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk? Leadership for many is defined as confidence over competence, authority before empathy and profit over purpose.

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a quiet promotion

Are You the Victim of a Quiet Promotion?

The great resignation of the pandemic has led to a new phenomenon – the quiet promotion. Employees have suddenly found themselves responsible for their departing associate’s work or a portion of their manager’s role when

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Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!

From Everyone at Smith Hanley Associates Today we celebrate the hard work and dedication of workers everywhere! Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics Eda Zullo – Biostatistics and Clinical Data Management Nihar Parikh – Pharmaceutical Sales

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make your resume stand out

How to Make Your Resume STAND OUT!

As a candidate job hunting has become easier than ever to find roles and apply quickly. What has become more difficult is the ability to stand out in the crowded pile of attachments and cover

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