2019 Market Research Salaries and 2020 Hiring and Job Hunt Advice


market research salaries

It was a good year to be a market researcher, and we see positive things continuing in 2020. Here are our year-end thoughts on market research salaries and some advice for hiring and job hunting in the market research world of the future. Growth in Market Research Salaries MMR Programs. There are now several more… Read more »

A Data Science Portfolio is More Valuable Than a Resume


data science portfolio

Benjamin Obi Tayo is a Ph.D., physicist, data scientist, educator and writer, and he has given permission for Smith Hanley to share his article on creating a data science portfolio with you. Utilize Benjamin’s great suggestions to improve your job search. Interested in more assistance on your job search?  Contact the Data Science and Analytics… Read more »

Why the Job market is HOT for Pharma Commercial Analytics Professionals


commercial analytics professionals

Market Research Future, a market research provider to the healthcare industry reports, “The growing adoption of new technologies and analytical tools, regulation of R&D productivity, the growing trend in big data advertisement in the pharma sector and increasing usage of analytical tools in streamlining the business process are the major drivers propelling market growth. However,… Read more »

What Makes a Quality Market Research Supplier?


quality market research supplier

The general consensus, as put forth by a survey from GreenBook, is that market research suppliers are undifferentiated by brand. There is also a pervasive sense that too much supplier marketing focuses on solving the needs of the vendor not of the customer. If clients are finding suppliers undifferentiated and not clearly client focused, then… Read more »

Can Employers Ask About Salary History? {Slideshare}


Salary History

Can Employers Ask About Salary History? from Smith Hanley Associates Can Employers Ask About Salary History? Increasingly, the answer to that question is no. Salary history questions are now off limits in 4 states, 3 large cities and 1 U.S. Territory. California, Delaware, Massachusetts, Oregon, Puerto Rico and New York City, Albany and Philadelphia. According… Read more »

Top 10 Factors That Influence Your Actuarial Salary


actuarial salary

There are many salary tables out there telling you what you should make at each step in your actuarial career. What they don’t clarify are all the different factors that can influence your actuarial salary. Location The first question on the Payscale.com salary tool  on the Society of Actuaries website is location. You must fill… Read more »

Manufacturing Data Science – The Fourth Industrial Revolution


manufacturing data science

Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, is a term being used to define modern manufacturing’s utilization of automation and big data. How are companies making manufacturing data science a critical part of their success? Conditions are ideal for manufacturing data science to be implemented: data is seemingly unlimited and accessible through cheap and abundant… Read more »

Data Scientist – Master’s Degree or Boot Camp?


Master's degree or boot camp

Word from HRDive.com is that employers have a preference for work experience over a Master’s degree for the most desirable data scientist hires. Data and analytics firm Qlik found 60% of respondents to their Data Literacy Survey ranked previous job experience or a skills test as a key measure of a job seeker’s data literacy…. Read more »