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biotech pharma layoffs forecast

Biotech and Pharma Layoffs Forecast for 2023

2021 saw record venture capital investment and IPO activity in biotech. One hundred forty-seven companies went public and valuations soared. In 2022 only 25 companies went public and most biotech index funds are down more

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Drug Pricing

Drug Pricing in 2023

Why is it so difficult to figure out drug pricing, and what is forecast to happen with drug pricing in 2023? Smith Hanley offers our interpretation. The median wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) for brand drugs

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry. Andrew Mar, Associate Director, HCP Marketing Biologics at Sun Pharmaceutical, says,  “There are long-lasting changes that will come out of this pandemic. The ability

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