Nancy Ragonese Answers: “What’s Up with Sales Rep Base Salaries?”


The movement of talent through voluntary resignation and reorgs has hit every corner of the business world, and the pharma industry is no exception. Leaders across the BioPharma industry say they are struggling to find candidates before competition poaches them and this is particularly acute for biotech in talent havens like Boston or San Francisco… Read more »

Clinical Life Sciences Industry Trends 2023


Clinical Life Science

Coming out of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the future holds both opportunity and increased complexity for the clinical life sciences industry. Precision Medicine is Making Waves The development of genetic-based precision formulas will impact the clinical life sciences industry and could begin a major shift. In the last twenty-five years, adverse reactions have resulted in… Read more »

Eda Zullo Expands on her 2023 Recruiting Forecast


2023 forecast pharma

As I said in my December 6, 2022 blog reviewing 2022 and a 2023 recruiting forecast, the hot application areas are forecasting, data scientist and, surprisingly, the vendor/consulting side. Now I’d like to expand on the level of the positions that are in-demand. In 2022 many of the roles I filled were at the Director… Read more »

BioPharma Sales Reps Salaries 2022 and 2023 Industry Trends


sales reps 2023 trends

Average salaries for full-time employees grew at a rate of 8% from 2021 to 2022, outpacing the 6% growth rate seen from 2020 to 2021. Two percent doesn’t sound like much until you realize it is a 33% increase over the previous year! This wage growth is impacting BioPharma Sales Reps base salaries, too. It… Read more »

Life Sciences Biostatistics Salary Insights


influence your actuarial salary

Biostatistics Market Overview The movement of talent through voluntary resignation and job shifting has hit every corner of the business world, and life sciences biostatistics is no exception. Leaders across industries say they are struggling to find staff or hire candidates before competition poaches them and this is particularly acute for biotech in talent havens… Read more »

Eda Zullo’s Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics 2022 Review and 2023 Recruiting Forecast


pharmaceutical commercial analytics

Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics 2022 Review Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics 2022 hiring started a bit slower than previous years. Analytics professionals wanted to postpone their job search until after their bonuses were paid at the end of Q1. But the opening of the marketplace after a year of COVID-19 vaccine availability had employers anxious to hire. Candidates… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence in Biopharma


artificial intelligence in biopharma

Decades of work, exponentially increased computing power and the availability and accessibility of enormous data sets is leading to dramatic changes and dramatic increases in drug discovery, improvements in clinical trial design and speed and precision in treatment of the end patient. “I expect that the development of new capabilities is going to go way… Read more »

Effective Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry


pharma & social media

Tapping into the right key opinion leaders (KOLs) has long been the sales and marketing strategy for pharmaceutical companies. Even after a drug has been proven to be effective, doctors tend to be slow to recommend it, and often wait until other doctors they trust start doing so. This communication is done through word of… Read more »

Pharma and Biotech – What’s the Difference?!


pharma and bioitech

The separation between what is a biotechnology company and what is a pharmaceutical manufacturer has become less and less distinct. What is the difference between pharma and biotech? Why are we starting to use those terms interchangeably or even merging them in the term biopharmaceuticals? Biotechnology therapy or biologics is the applied knowledge of biology…. Read more »

Drug Pricing and the Inflation Reduction Act


Drug Pricing

On August 12, 2022 Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act which was heralded as finally addressing drug pricing for the American public. Why are American’s concerned about drug pricing and how does this Act address those concerns? Why are Americans Concerned about Drug Pricing? List prices for new drugs in the U.S. increased from a… Read more »