Nontraditional Interview Questions that Reveal a Candidate’s Personality


nontraditional interview questions

Companies know how important it is to hire candidates that will fit in with their corporate culture. But with limited time during interviews, how can you determine a candidate’s true personality and really assess how they will fit in? Go beyond the standard biographical or skill-set questions and ask a few nontraditional interview questions that… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Sales Brag Book – Paper or Digital?


pharmaceutical sales brag book

A pharmaceutical sales brag book remains as important today in the interview process as it was when this blog was originally written in 2017.  The difference? As with many things over the past year the pandemic has had an impact.  With remote interviewing the norm it is hard to leave-behind a brag book.  The need… Read more »

25 Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions


Of course you know to prepare answers to the most common interview questions. Queries like, What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? Why do you want to work for our company? Why do you want to leave your current company? Why is there a gap in… Read more »

Phone Interview Do’s


A phone interview is a significant part of the interview process. Many companies are doing two or three phone interviews before giving you the chance to walk through their door for an in-person interview. Screening candidates via a phone interview is a money saver for out of town candidates and a time saver for busy… Read more »

Counter Offer – Career Kiss of Death


You’ve accepted a new job. You go to your current boss and resign. Flattering words about your value to your current organization and flattering changes to your compensation and your job description ensue. You find yourself seriously considering staying at the job you just resigned from.     More than 50% of all employees who… Read more »

Interview Feedback – A Loooooong Wait


first interview

Since 2010 the number of days in the interview process has doubled to 23. Interviewing has become more comprehensive utilizing a variety of additional screening methods like multiple phone screens, video interviews, group presentations, IQ, personality and drug tests, all above and beyond the typical in-person conversation. A Robert Half survey found that 57% of… Read more »

4 Panel Interview No-no’s


Panel Interview Support | Smith Hanley Associates

An efficiency method more and more companies are implementing is the panel interview. Multiple hiring managers and members of the staff get to hear the questions and answers put to the candidates. With the group already assembled, immediately after the interview they can debrief. Good for the company but requiring a higher level of skill… Read more »

10 Interview Day No-no’s


Interviewing Tips and Strategies | Smith Hanley Associates

You didn’t get the job offer. Why? Perhaps you did one of the ten no-no’s below. Use this checklist for easy things NOT TO DO on your next interview. 1. Fail to research the company. At a minimum review the backgrounds of the interviewers on LinkedIn BEFORE your interview day. Googling the company or reading… Read more »

Interview Body Language Tips and a Life-Changing Video


When you are in the reception area waiting to be called for your interview what are you doing?  You are looking at your phone, hunched over a magazine, slouched in your seat, your legs are probably crossed.  If we believe that the way we carry ourselves, our body language, can change our minds, your body is not… Read more »