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market research 2023

Market Research 2023 Review

The market research and consumer insights 2023 job market saw a drastic shift back toward caution and complacency. After a hiring crazed 2022, 2023 brought in more measured hiring practices and a great deal of

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traits of a great leader

Traits of a Great Leader

When someone ask you the names of great leaders do you immediately think of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk? Leadership for many is defined as confidence over competence, authority before empathy and profit over purpose.

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market research recession lessions

Market Research Recession Lessons

The specter of a recession still hangs over the United States. What are some of the market research recession lessons from 2008 and the recent pandemic that are worth considering if we enter into another

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Gaming with market research

Gaming with Market Research

Seventy percent of people under the age of 25 say they’d rather play a game than watch a video. In 2022 estimated that more than half (54.2%) of the U.S. population were digital gamers.

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Avoid Ageism in Hiring

How to Avoid Ageism in Hiring

Ageism is a real challenge that we find in the marketplace as recruiters. A recent AARP study found that, “..about two in three adults age 50-plus in the labor force (62%) think older workers face

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