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The Data Science and Analytics group excels in placing mid- to senior-level executives nationwide in the data science, advanced analytics and quantitative marketing spaces. Our team focuses on roles that use data, analysis, statistics, modeling and machine learning to make more informed business decisions. Candidates must have a strong background in statistical modeling, computer science, artificial intelligence, predictive modeling, natural language processing, credit and risk modeling, data mining, text mining, and web and digital analytics.


All our positions and candidates will require skills in Python, R, SAS, Spark, SQL, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Tableau and PowerBI. Our focus is on industries across the board, including, but not limited to, technology, internet, online media, ecommerce, consulting, automotive, retail, financial services, CPG, insurance, advertising, travel and tourism, energy and telecom. We work with organizations of all sizes, from startup operations to large corporations.

Contact Paul Chatlos at 203-319-4304 or for all your data science and analytics hiring needs.

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