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Category: Actuarial

actuarial outlook 2023

Actuarial Market Outlook for 2023

Wage growth, remote work and product and company innovation made for an amazing year in 2022 actuarial recruiting. Smith Hanley Actuarial Recruiter, Rory Hauser, predicts these factors will continue to positively impact the 2023 actuarial

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actuarial recession

Actuarial Recession Job Hunt?

All we seem to hear about these days is the threat of a recession. Yet the number of job openings at the end of July according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics was virtually the

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want to be an actuary?

Top Four Reasons to Become an Actuary

You love numbers but how does that translate into a career? Of the myriad of careers you could choose, why choose to become an actuary? Essential  says, “The ability to price risk contingencies is

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