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Category: Data Science & Analytics

Data Science Interview Prep

Data Science Interview Preparation reports that data science jobs are estimated to grow by 30% in this decade. Have you done your data science interview preparation? Standard Interview Preparation No matter the type of position you are interviewing

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data science market outlook

The 2023 Data Science Job Market

We continue to be bullish on the 2023 data science job market. Despite concern about an economic downturn, we are still seeing strong demand for this type of talent. In an informal survey of clients,

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data science in Sports Betting

Data Science’s Use in Sports Betting

In 1995 three option traders and U.S. citizens, Haden Ware, Steve Schillinger and Jay Cohen, moved to Antigua and opened what is probably the first online sports betting platform, World Sports Exchange (WSEX). While online

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demand planning

Demand for Demand Planning

Demand for demand planning has been on the rise for two years and our prediction is it will continue to be a strong career option for analytical experts. The combination of public policy encouraging more

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