Job Hopping – Chic and Trendy?


Old Way of Thinking Job Hopping with two years of tenure or less is CAREER SUICIDE. New Way of Thinking Job Hopping gains valuable experience that will pay off in the long run.     Why the Change in Thinking? Changing Corporate Cultures. Life commitment to one firm is gone. Pensions have become obsolete. Employer… Read more »

ROI of Engaging a Retained Search Recruiter


There is perception out there that the practice of retaining an Executive Retained Search company is for hiring in C-Suite and mostly by Fortune 100 companies. Most worry about the risk of paying an advance retainer just in case the recruiting company does not deliver. Others feel they lose something if they do an exclusive… Read more »

Employers: 10 Reasons to Use a Recruiter


Reasons to Use a Recruiter | Smith Hanley Associates

Why You Should Use a Niche Recruiter to Fill Your Opening 1. Recruiters spend every day, day in and day out, finding the specialized candidates you need. They don’t just talk to ad responses. They attend professional conferences and seminars talking to passive candidates and turning them into active candidates. They have in-house databases of thousands… Read more »

Actuarial Hiring Trends for 2016


actuaries growth

As long as companies continue to focus on offsetting financial risk, job security and career growth for actuaries is assured. Innovation is creating more and different opportunities for candidates who are open to change and willing to expand their statistical knowledge to new applications. The increasing competition between insurance companies and consulting firms will continue… Read more »

Data Singularity, Data Scientists and Unicorns


2015 has been a phenomenal year for the Big Data industry. Existentially many have debated the likely non-existence (or rarity) of Data Scientists and Unicorns! All of you have either been searching as hiring managers or are being courted as candidates by organizations around the world given the halo of “The Sexiest Job of the… Read more »

Are Actuaries the Data Scientists of the Future?


To truly be Data Scientists other industries require marketing and business statisticians to broaden their software skills beyond SAS and R to Hive and Python. We are starting to see the insurance industry ask more of their actuarial hires in their software and database skills. Historically, actuaries haven’t had the need for sophisticated programming skills…. Read more »

4 Hiring Practices to NOT Waste Your Company’s Money


hiring process

    An Indeed study found that 33% of the job vacancies in the U.S. remain open for more than three months.  The cost of these unfilled jobs is estimated at $160 billion a year.  What can you do to avoid this cost and attract the best people through your hiring processes?      … Read more »

An Errant Email: The Cost of Slooooooow Hiring


We were lucky to mistakenly receive an email from one of our clients that was meant for their internal hiring managers only. This was a large, fast moving consumer goods company and they very specifically outlined why taking soooooo long to fill open positions was hurting their company. We were lucky because this reinforced many… Read more »

Job Seeker or Hiring Manager – How to Find a Great Recruiter


A great recruiter can make your job search or filling your hiring need far easier than going it alone. If you’ve worked with the same recruiter throughout your career or for other openings, they will know your expectations and exceptions without you telling them. The openness that comes from working together over time will pay… Read more »