Commercial Analytics Career


In your day-to-day job of utilizing data and analytics to provide your company with information they can use, understand and act on, you touch on many functional areas. You not only support sales and marketing, but you work with non-prescriber groups and the whole commercial model of your organization.  As Peter Harbin, Senior Principal at IQVIA, says, “The net result of that, of course, is better information, better decisions, and better patient outcomes, which drives better shareholder value and profitability for the organization.”  Are you making good decisions about your commercial analytics career as well?

Keeping the big picture in mind of what other companies are doing in drug development both for new approvals as well as companies with significant products going off patent is important to insuring your personal growth continues for the long term.  Do you prefer working in a high-growth environment or are you better at ferreting out the opportunities in existing businesses and channels? Managing your commercial analytics career effectively could mean targeting certain companies with your preferred pipelines.

EvaluatePharma has assembled a list of the 7 most-anticipated new drug launches of 2020 based on estimated global sales in 2024.  Some of these drugs are expected to be blockbusters within four years.  Should you target working at companies with these exciting pipelines?


You should definitely dig deeper than this chart.  AZ and Daiichi have bet $7 billion on Enhertu.  What is the likelihood of that paying off?  Novartis bought Inclisiran from The Medicines Company for $9.7 billion.  Good purchase or an investment that could cost Novartis dearly?  Immunomedics’ Sacituzumab govitecan had issues in manufacturing and dropped off the approval process for a short time resulting in a significant top-level shake-up.  Too risky for your commercial analytics career?

Drug patents expiring in 2020 of $17B in sales are significantly lower than the $41B in sales that expired in 2019.  Of course, expiration of a patent this year does not necessarily mean immediately lost sales as there could be additional patents protecting the drug or no generic yet available.  These are all commercial, big-picture issues that you should take into account in managing your commercial analytics career. provides information on drug patents expiring in 2020.

Commercial Analytics Career


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