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Smith Hanley Associates‘ Recruiters offer their resume tips for your job search. They also take this chance to honor their close relatives who served in the military. Happy Memorial Day!


Eda Zullo, Executive Recruiter, Pharmaceutical Analytics
Father, Donald Rederscheid, Private 1st Class, U.S. Army

Resume Tips: If you work for a very large company or work in a very specialized area, make sure you include the division you worked for along with your company name. And, don’t ever put your high school information on your resume, no matter how special your high school was it is not relevant in a professional job search.

Jacque Paige, Partner, Smith Hanley Associates
Father, Earl Notestine, Private 1st Class, U.S. Army

Resume Tips: Don’t forget that your resume is your biggest professional marketing tool. Don’t just list what you were given to do but rather try to present what challenges you faced while completing your job responsibilities. Highlight what you achieved and what difference it made to your business. Don’t forget that employers want to see “What’s in it for me?” when considering hiring you, so make sure you show them.

Shirley Baron, Retired Executive Recruiter, Market Research
Husband, Stanley Baron, Warrant Officer 1, Rhodesian Army and Israeli Civil Defense

Resume Tips: Remember those eight seconds you have to grab a hiring manager’s attention? Using bullets and lists catch far more attention on a resume than dense, word packed paragraphs. Concise language sells you as an efficient, articulate hire.

Nancy Darian, Executive Recruiter, Data Science and Analytics
Father, Louis Caracciolo, U.S. Coast Guard

Resume Tips: Include your accomplishments in your resume, not just job duties. Employers want to see what tangible results you have achieved.

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