Interview Thank You Note Musts

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Argh!  I have to write an interview thank you note? You’ve just spent all day interviewing. You want to kick back and review your day from the couch. Okay, you can have one drink and a two hour break but then write your thank you notes. Why?

  1. 22% of employers are less likely to hire a candidate who does not send an interview thank you note. Careerbuilder Survey
  2. 91% like being thanked. Accountemps Survey
  3. Gives you a chance to clarify or expand on something you might not have done a good job on in the interview.
  4. Highlights your ability to strike a professional and personal chord in your interaction.
  5. Shows courtesy and follow-through.
  6. Stresses your interest in the position, and puts your name and contact information in front of critical decision makers again.

6 Rules of Professional Interview Thank You Notes


Write and send it within 24 hours.


Handwritten notes are beautiful but too slow. Email is universally accepted and expected.


Two to three paragraphs at most


Make every word count. Personalize each note to each interviewer. NO TEMPLATES!


Use it to establish a meaningful connection with your potential employer.


No mistakes, none, nada.


Interview Thank You Note Sample Format


Subject line of email: Thank you – title of position

Greeting: First name and comma. Dear is too old-fashioned and Hi is too casual.

Sentence 1: State the obvious, but if you can, make it personal. Thank you for meeting with a fellow Tar Heel or Thank you for the chance to discuss the exciting product pipeline at xyz company.

Sentence 2: Bring up a compelling idea or general topic brought up in the interview.

Sentence 3: Something about you. What you can do for them or clarify/expand on a skill you might not have highlighted enough.

Sentence 4: Close with an expression of your interest in the position or company. I would be thrilled to work for your company and am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Closing: Best, or Regards, and the name you want to be called or were called in the interview.

Signature: Your full name, your phone number and your email address.

***See our previous slideshare on Thank You Note No-nos for more recommendations.


Interested in starting a job search and having a reason for writing a professional interview thank you note? Contact Smith Hanley Associates’ Executive Recruiters.


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