pandemic new normals


The pandemic has had such a significant impact on our day-to-day way of life. Dynata, the company resulting from the merger of Research Now and SSI in 2018, has some in-depth reporting on their website regarding the pandemic new normals. They sourced this information through the first party data contributed by their 60M+ opt-in member-based panels.

Contactless Payments

This form of payment has increased 19% since pre-pandemic. Fifty-nine percent of global consumers prefer contactless payment over cash, chip/pin enabled or magnetic stripe cards. Joining the 34% of respondents who said they were certainly or very likely to use contactless payments in the future were another 50% who said they were at least somewhat likely to adopt contactless payments.

Brand Messaging

Companies are concerned about advertising during the pandemic and how to convey the “right” message. What are the corporate actions that have the most positive or negative impact? What is better, furloughs versus salary reductions or keeping staff employed in order to do charitable work? How do these decisions reflect back on the company’s brand? Are there pandemic new normals for brand messaging?


More than half of consumers reported a satisfactory experience with telemedicine while a majority of healthcare professionals did not feel that it was a positive experience. Those same healthcare professionals believe its use will increase both because consumers like it, it is convenient and the pandemic has forced both sides to try it. Visit our blog on The Coronavirus Pandemic and Telehealth for more information.

Working from Home

With 2/3 of workers feeling they are more productive working from home during the pandemic, it is believed that many will want to continue working from home once the pandemic has ended. In fact, 75% of the work force wants the option of working from home at least part time once the pandemic has ended. Whether this becomes one of the pandemic new normals or an unfilled preference is, as yet, unclear.

There are a number of other pandemic new normals and you can read about them on Dynata’s website.

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