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In the March 2020 edition of The MSL, The Journal of the Medical Liaison Society,  Ken Kupersmith, MSL Executive Recruiter, suggests MSL interview tips that get you thinking about your MSL interview the same way you approach your KOL meetings.   Visit here for the complete article and more in-depth information on how to prepare for your MSL interview.

Tip 1:  Interview like a KOL Collaboration

Since you are far more familiar with structuring a stakeholder meeting, use those skills to structure your interview.  Develop a meaningful relationship and exchange useful information.

Tip 2: Research Like an MSL

Research the people you will be meeting with through LinkedIn, Google and by talking with colleagues and other personal resources.  Research the company and their products as you would for a KOL meeting.

Tip 3: Scientific Presentation should show Science AND Presentation Skills

Your science expertise is what any new company is assessing and looking for, but your ability to make it come alive and make an interpersonal connection will determine the success of the presentation.

Tip 4: Prepare Success Stories

Everyone has their greatest hits from prior experiences.  Make sure those stories are presented clearly and bring to life your strengths.  Bond with your audience is one of the most important MSL interview tips.

Tip 5:  Prepare Questions

When asked if you have any questions for them, be prepared with at least three.  No questions indicates no interest – the wrong message.

Bonus:  MSL Interview Tips from the Movies

Movie Lesson #1:  Like A Few Good Men dress well, look the part.

Movie Lesson #2: Like Night at the Museum, use success stories to bring your history to life.

Movie Lesson #3:  Like Jerry Maguire, create a mission statement, a theme for your interview, and you will have them at hello.


Interested in a job change or in hiring an MSL?  Contact Smith Hanley Associates’ MSL and Medical Affairs Executive Recruiter, Ken Kupersmith at [email protected].


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