The American Statistical Association (ASA) has historically served the academic and biostatistical market place better than the non-pharmaceutical non-academic world. Recently they have made great strides in reaching out to broader users of statistical techniques. The Data Science juggernaut has probably been a significant influencer on that effort.

The ASA’s Symposium on Data Science and Statistics (SDSS) in Reston, Virginia from May 16-19, 2018 offers some very sophisticated and applicable sessions for the person desiring to improve their data science skills and for the more experienced data scientist.

Pre-conference short courses include: Data Science Workflows Using R and Spark, H2O AutoML (Machine Learning), End-to-End Machine Learning and Model Deployment in SAS Viya, Cloudera Data Science Workbench and Shiny Essentials. Any data scientist with advanced machine learning skills is in great demand in the employment marketplace.

Regular sessions at the conference include: Interactive Statistical Graphics, Statistical Machine Learning with Business Applications, Statistics Inference for High-Dimensional Regression, Automated Model Building, Optimization, Social Network Analysis, Visualization Using Open-Source Tools, Advanced Mathematics for Data Analysis, Big Data Analytics Using R and Spark, Model Selection in High-Dimensions with Complexities, CyberLanguage: Applications of Natural Language Processing to CyberSecurity, Nonlinear Dimension Reduction and Text Data Analytics and Visualization to name just a few. Each of these topics has at least two or three presentations.

The subtitle for the conference is Beyond Big Data: Leading the Way. Completion of any of these short courses and attendance at this conference could be the foundation or extension of any data scientist’s skills. The SDSS truly seems to be “Leading the Way” in addressing the latest and, often, most underserved needs of the data scientist to advance their expertise. The 2018 SDSS is being held in honor of Edward Wegman who has done seminal work in the interface of statistics and computing science as well as data visualization, and has been a driving force in creating the SDSS.

Interested in discussing the conference or your career as a data science further? Contact the Data Science and Analytics recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates.

Paul Chatlos, East and West Coasts,, 203.319-4304
Nancy Darian, Midwest and Southwest,, 312.589-7582
Eda Zullo, Pharmaceutical,, 203.319-4309

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