The Corporate Researchers Conference or CRC was a success, with 50+ exhibitors and talks from some of the world’s most innovative organizations including Facebook, Google and Airbnb.

Simon Chadwick, Chairman of the Insights Association responsible for putting on this conference, started his opening remarks on Tuesday by reminding us that we are in a consistently changing environment that is now in the beginning stages of incorporating analytics into what he considers insights. Market Research and Analytics, working together towards the same goal of driving business impact. Simon said they are “A new association for a new era.”

Walking into the exhibit hall made it apparent that we are in a market of heavy demand and desire for technology. Innovative firms such as Wizer, KnowledgeHound, and dscout are taking a new and exciting approach that was widely discussed and intriguing to many attendees.

Running into old friends and meeting new ones makes the CRC experience extraordinary and beneficial to all who attend. It’s a benefit that we get to hear about projects, trends and new approaches from leading CPG and retail organizations on top of it.

If we didn’t get to meet or even if we did, I’d love to hear from you. Please reach me, Lindsey Bartlett (not the one in brown), at Visit for all of my current openings.

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