The advantageous pricing deadline for TMRE, The Market Research Event, is this Friday, July 21. Held in Orlando, Florida from October 22 through 25 this conference has seven tracks of speakers including Next-Gen Insights Leadership and Strategy, Cutting Edge Technology, Insight Driven Innovation and Brand Management, Supercharging the Business with Data, Winning Over the Savvy Consumer, Power Partnering: Maximizing the Client-Supplier Relationship, and The Startup Showcase. Pre-conference intensives are available as well as networking events and an official conference networking site for connecting with other attendees.

Why should you attend this or any market research conference?


  1. Build Meaningful Relationships for your company and for your career. University of Oxford research shows that face-to-face interaction is essential for building stronger relationships. The incremental improvement in the strength of any relationship you make at a conference can pay off for your or your company in the long-term. The Director of Research for the Oxford study said, “Although social media may seem like the perfect way to make and maintain friendships, this research shows that face-to-face interaction is essential for truly authentic relationships.”
  2. Get Fresh Ideas and solutions for your business. This is the more traditional rationale for attending a conference. Staying current with trends allows you to stay ahead of the curve with best practices but could also affirm that your job issues and problems are shared by others. Listening to the thought leaders at top conferences will not only give you new ideas and know-how but will also inspire you and return you to your job with new enthusiasm.
  3. An opportunity to speak directly to your target audience. Preparing and presenting a talk at a conference of the caliber of TMRE will showcase your brand and your services to your potential suppliers, clients and professional associates. Not only will you be connecting with thought leaders in your professional arena through the conference but you could be one of those influencers on behalf of your company and yourself through speaking. Using your expertise to help others, even in an effort to showcase your brand or services, will always be admirably viewed.

Smith Hanley Associates’ Market Research Practice Lead, Lindsey Bartlett, would be happy to discuss how attending conferences can assist you in your long-term career goals. Contact her at 312.589-7586 or


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