There are many pieces to the market researcher’s career puzzle.  Here are the six trends we have seen candidates focusing on during their job search over the past year.


6. Industry

When asked if they would be interested in working in a new industry the majority of candidates say yes. There are many commonalities across industries in primary and secondary market research, and potential employers should keep an open mind when it comes to hiring someone with a transferable skill set.

leadership-success-teamwork-circle5. Leadership

Leading a team has become less of a priority as companies establish slimmer, flatter research teams. Leadership through impact and visibility as an individual contributor is critical.

4. Culture

Work/Life balance is more widely recognized and planned for in hiring. reports that “nearly 3 in 5 (57%) people are reporting benefits and perks being among their top considerations before accepting a job.”  If candidates feel appreciated and are allowed to have a flexible schedule, they are happier and more fulfilled at work. Happy employees do exceptional work.

3. Salary

Surprised this isn’t number one? We are, too! We are NOT seeing candidates accepting a lower salary but candidates are more willing to accept small salary bumps or even lateral moves, if the company offers long term growth and stability. conducted a study examining salary vs. employee satisfaction and found that “although salary matters for employee satisfaction, there are a variety of other factors that employers should also be paying attention to. Employees tell us that articulating a prosperous career path for employees, hiring a competent executive team, and maintaining a positive culture appear to be far more important ways to ensure satisfied employees.” 

grow-with-green-arrow2. Trajectory

Growth, growth, growth. Candidates want to know the long term trajectory of the company and of their role before they even interview. They want to know the size of the team and what the goals are for the position. Is the company title driven or is there an increased responsibility in the new position?  Companies should be transparent in their conversations about growth at the firm and in the position to ensure that their candidates stay interested and engaged for the long haul.

1. Stability

Mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, lay offs. In the market research industry these events have been all too common over the past few years. Candidates are prioritizing company health in their job search. They want to know why the company is looking to fill the role. Is it because someone left or because of an internal move or promotion? According to the life sciences news site, “Information about company values was ranked as highly valuable by 42 percent of survey respondents.  Employee testimonials are also essential and should be included with your job postings on job boards or your company career site.”  Some things that put candidates at ease are pre-emptive severance clauses in their offer letters and honest conversations about how well the company is doing.


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