Pharmaceutical Analytics: 2017 Trends and Salary Scale

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Smith Hanley Associates‘ Pharmaceutical Recruiters thank you for your business in 2016 and look forward to working with you in 2017. Reviewing 2016 and making some predictions for 2017, along with our ever-popular salary scale, gets us ready for the New Year. We hope you find it useful as well. All the best for 2017!


trends-with-magnifying-glass2016 Trends

1. Pharmaceutical M&A definitely slowed down in 2016 predominantly due to the changes in the corporate tax law. This slowdown made the employment market more competitive than in years past.
2. Additions to staff positions were seen in all functional areas but specialty markets like rare disease saw the biggest increase in demand. Candidates were able to pursue more opportunities but clients continued to wait for “right” individual.
3. Big Data analytics is getting more and more attention in the pharmaceutical industry. Big pharma as well as start-ups realize its value. Big Data is driving decision-making from Clinical, Phase II and Phase III, all the way to the brand and sales teams.
4. Digital analytics became very important. HCP’s embraced this new channel.


2016 Concerns

1. New drug pricing and reimbursement was a huge concern for the end user. They do not want the cost of both old and new drugs to “break the bank” or hurt the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry.
2. Transparency between the clinical team and the HCP relationships with the pharma company is being demanded by the end user. Access to the “new” data must be factored in.


2017 Predictions

1. As individuals live longer the need for innovative, cost-effective medicines continues to rise – a positive and exciting trend for the pharmaceutical industry.
2. Growth in both relevant and add-to-staff positions. We will see more jobs but fewer candidates.
3. There will be a new President who is definitely pro-business and potentially pro-pharma which should bode well for the industry.



Commercial Salaries

Senior Analyst $90-100K
Manager $105-120K
Senior Manager $125-160K
Associate Director $125-175K
Director $165-225K
Senior Director $205-250K

Clinical Salaries

Biostatistician $85-110K
Principal Biostatistician $110-130K
Manager, Biostatistics $125-140K
Senior Manager, Biostatistics $130-150K
Associate Director, Biostatistics $145-160K
Director, Biostatistics $160-220K
Senior Director $185-250K

Eda Zullo, Recruiter, Commercial Analytics, ezullo@smithhanley.com

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