Viva Las Vegas! From April 17 through April 20 300+ management scientists in the pharmaceutical industry will descend on Las Vegas for their annual conference.  This year’s theme is: Game Changing Analytics: The Odds are in Your Favor.

The non-profit sponsoring group for this event is the PMSA, Pharmaceutical Management Science Association. The PMSA’s stated mission is to efficiently meet society’s pharmaceutical needs through the use of management science. If you work in commercial analytics in the drug industry, you need to be involved with this group!

Formed in 1977 and running an annual conference since at least the early 2000’s, this group of industry experts come together once a year for three days of tutorials, exhibits, posters, and terrific member presentations. The tutorials and the first and last day of the conference focus on the traditional analysis done by pharmaceutical management scientists, forecasting, market research, patient acquisition, physician and patient profiling and targeting and incentive compensation and sales force planning.

It is Tuesday, April 19 where the majority of presentations are on the hot hiring topic of Managed Market Analysis. Howard Deutsch from ZS will speak on ‘Holistic Gross to Net Price Management’ and Kjell Nygren of Navigant Consulting will talk about ‘Data Integration and Analytical Approaches in a Changing Healthcare Environment’. Other managed markets talks this day will be given by Christopher Casten of Symphony Health Solutions and JP Tsang from Bayser. If you are looking to make yourself more marketable within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, gaining expertise on the analytical issues associated with managed markets is critical.

Eda Zullo, Smith Hanley Associates Executive Recruiter in Commercial Analytics in the Pharmaceutical Industry, stands ready to assist you in your job search or in your hiring needs. Eda’s recruiting focus is exactly in sync with the practitioners and experts at this Conference. Seek her out at or 203.671-1975 and the odds of a successful hire or job search will increase exponentially!

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