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Posted’s 2014 blog on Data Scientist Jobs by Sector and by State is very intriguing and visually interesting but seems to be understating the number of jobs available in Data Science. The calculations were based on Vincent Granville’s linkedin connections. While Vincent is a leading blogger and website owner on Data Science issues, this doesn’t seem to be the most accurate representation of job activity in the world of data science.


As of 1/23/16, the leading job aggregator, had 22,617 job listings for Data Scientists.California, as expected, leads all states in data science opportunities. Greater DC, Massachusetts and New York, surprisingly, all lead Washington State which has the two largest listings by company of data scientist openings: Amazon with 250 and Microsoft at 194.

New York leads all cities with 2254 jobs for Data Scientists.  98% of all jobs in New York State for Data Scientists are in New York City.  Unlike the data the greater DC area has a significant number of Data Scientist openings.  This may be a result of Granville being on the West Coast and his connections being skewed that direction.  Certainly multiple California cities offer many job opportunities for Data Scientists.  Large cities only account for 60^ data science openings.  A number of other geographic hubs offer a significant number of opportunities:  Albuquerque, NM, Austin, TX, Raleigh-Durham, NC and Atlanta, GA to name a few. salary information was difficult to summarize. But a data science publisher,, captured some interesting H1B visa certification application data for Data Scientists from 2012 through 2015. This data offers a realistic picture of average salary differences by state.

Any way the data is sliced Data Scientist opportunities are plentiful and well-paid. If you would like to explore this career path with the Recruiting Experts at Smith Hanley Associates, contact any of the recruiters listed below.  We look forward to working with you!

East and West Coasts:  Paul Chatlos,

Midwest and South:  Nancy Darian,

Actuarial:  Rory Hauser,

Pharmaceutical:  Eda Zullo,



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