The Data Science juggernaut continues. Glassdoor ranked Data Scientist as the best job in America for 2016. Yes, that’s right. It is #1.

Glassdoor based their ranking on the number of job openings on their site, median base salary and a career opportunities rating. Interestingly Data Scientist didn’t get the #1 spot by having the most job openings. That award went to the #9 best job of Software Engineer with 49,270 openings. Of course, no Data Scientist can function without their own IT skills or the help of IT specialists to manage the amount and frequency of data they are analyzing.

Data Scientist also didn’t get their #1 ranking for having the highest compensation. Software Architect (#25), Strategy Manager (#19) and Software Development Manager (#12) all had far higher median base salaries at $130K or better. Data Scientists’ median base salary was $116,840.

So Data Scientist won the #1 spot with their career opportunity score of 4.1. This was the only score in the 4 range. And guess what the #11 job is? Analytics Manager, a position very closely related to the Data Scientist. This job typically will only differ from a Data Scientist opening by the level of software and system skills the person has.

Smith Hanley Associates has been placing statisticians and business analytics professionals for over 35 years. We have grown our business through the career nurturing of our candidates and top-notch service to our clients. Here is a sample of our current Data Science openings:

Director of Analytics, New York, NY, $145K to $175K
Data Science Manager, Chicago, IL, $110K to $135K
Director, Decision Sciences and Quantitative Analysis, Cincinnati, OH, $145K+
Data Scientist, Philadelphia, PA, $115K to $135K
Associate Director of Analytics and Data Science, San Francisco, CA, $140K to $160K

Call or email our Data Science Recruiters to assist you:

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Nancy Darian, 312-629-2400, [email protected]
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