Eda Zullo’s Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics 2022 Review and 2023 Recruiting Forecast

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Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics 2022 Review

Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics 2022 hiring started a bit slower than previous years. Analytics professionals wanted to postpone their job search until after their bonuses were paid at the end of Q1. But the opening of the marketplace after a year of COVID-19 vaccine availability had employers anxious to hire. Candidates responded with the “Great Resignation” and entertained multiple offers and often counteroffers. Candidates were seeking higher wages and the opportunity to work 100% remote. Q2 and Q3 were extremely busy with candidates testing the waters for “something better.” Q4 was a bit quieter than in year’s past due to concerns about a possible recession and the distraction of the mid-term election.

2022 Salaries Were Very Close to 2021

Senior Analyst $100,000 – $110,000

Open positions for senior analysts in pharmaceutical commercial analytics 2022 were predominantly filled by consultants converting to permanent employment with the same company they were consulting for.

Manager $110,000 – $155,000
Senior Manager $140,000 – $175,000
Associate Director $160,000 – $180,000

Most of the openings in pharmaceutical commercial analytics 2022 were in these mid-levels, Manager, Senior Manager and Associate Director. In 2021 these roles were filled by consultants as companies postponed hiring due to the pandemic. As the pandemic started to wind down and people were willing to go back in to the office, companies became very active in their recruiting and were anxious to fill these positions with full-time employees.

Director- $190,000 – $225,000
Sr. Director- $215,000 – $260,000

Director and Senior Director roles were few and far between as incumbents seemed to be happy where they were. Opportunities to move into this level were rare and, if open, meant a very competitive interview process.

HOT Openings in 2022 AND 2023


Forecasters seem to ALWAYS be in demand at ALL of the mid-levels, Manager, Senior Manager and Director. Their understanding of the industry and hands-on analytic skills are crucial and very marketable when tied to a specific therapeutic area. Working in forecasting provides the employee with an opportunity to be exposed to many aspects of their company. This helps forecasters to move internally into a variety of analytical positions down the road.

Commercial Data Analytics/Data Scientist

These professionals are in demand if they have marketing mix, omnichannel analytics and predictive analytics experience. Hands-on skills in Python and R are highly desired and worth polishing up and expanding these skills when possible.

Vendor/Consulting Side – Why?

In the past these were positions people took when they couldn’t get into the more desirable big pharma and biotech companies. The pandemic changed that bias. Because these positions have more flexibility on working remote and working a flexible schedule candidates started to recognize why that could be more desirable. Full time permanent Consultants/Engagement Managers/Principals with “hands on” data analytics experience are always in demand.

Smith Hanley Associates Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics Executive Recruiter, Eda Zullo, is a leader, if not, THE lead recruiter, in the placement of analytical professionals. “The explosion of opportunities due to the development of drugs via RNA and biotech large molecule research make 2023 a great chance for the commercial analytics professional to advance their career.”

Reach out to her at ezullo@smithhanley.com.

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