market research recruiting in 2022


Today’s market has been WILD, to say the least. Forty-one percent of employees in the global workforce are considering resigning from their roles. Market Research candidates have multiple offers at once and often drop off the interview process with no warning. Feeling like you can’t catch a break or retain interested talent? Here are five things for competitive market research recruiting in 2022.

Streamline the Interview Process

Post and pray job advertising doesn’t work in this market. Long drawn out interview schedules and extended decision-making lead to drop-outs and disinterest. Utilize online interviewing to accelerate the process and get internal decision makers on board for quick response – it is in their interest to fill their job!

Offer Remote Work

According to 89% of white-collar workers expect to be able to work from home at least some of the time after the pandemic is over, and a ‘reassessment of work schedules in a few months’ will not win you offer acceptances. Market researchers, in particular, are looking to be fully remote and in the office on an as-needed basis. Even offering full relocation is not getting an acceptance when a move is required. Adjust your in-office work policy to do competitive market research recruiting in 2022.

Rethink Your Benefits

The old way of thinking was that job security and decent compensation and benefits were the priorities. Doing competitive market research recruiting in 2022 means employers have to be invested in the same things their potential employees value and believe in. Employees want to feel a sense of belonging among caring and trusted colleagues, see the potential to grow and have the flexibility to integrate work with their personal lives. Market researchers are strong supporters of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives as well as training courses and continuing education reimbursement.

Company Reputation

Promote your differentiators. What makes your company stand out? Is it your culture? Your services? Your mission? If this isn’t clear, you can’t effectively communicate it as a benefit in job descriptions or promotional material. Translating this to an employee value proposition (EVP) that goes beyond profitability is essential with this generation of job seekers. What role do your employees have in helping your organization achieve the greater good?

Candidate Market

Rethink your approach to applications, interviews and offers. The company is no longer in the driver’s seat and cannot project that image of control. Companies have to sell their culture as well as their job opening and being engaging and honest goes a long way to making candidates feel comfortable and interested. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the hire but you do have to project that you understand it is now a two-way street.

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