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If you haven’t heard, hiring is booming! Across multiple industries and multiple job tracks companies are in desperate need of new employees. Stopping your job search over the holidays means you will miss out on some real opportunities. Here are six reasons why you should keep or even start job hunting or hiring during the holidays.

New Fiscal Year Budgets

Managers have just spent the last couple of months getting their hiring needs and budgets approved for the new fiscal year starting January 1. Chances are they are the ones who have been working two jobs while their opening goes unfilled. Why would they want to wait into the first quarter to hire? If they can make an offer in December, their new hire will start on January 3…they will love the help and you will have a new job.

More Downtime

The urgency of many projects tends to subside over the holidays. Hiring managers have available time to talk with candidates. Candidates have a viable rationale for being out of the office. The extent of online interviewing means time commitment to interview is less on both sides. Show your energy and enthusiasm by being available and interested even if you do need to go shopping.

A Leg-up on the Competition

Continuing to job hunt and hiring during the holidays can be a competitive advantage for both the company and the candidate. If enough companies hold off on recruiting, those that are active will have greater access to more candidates. Candidates who continue to look while others take a vacation means less competition for the most desirable openings.

Better Networking

A more relaxed atmosphere in the office can mean contacts and clients are more sociable. Use this opportunity to reconnect with your network, wish them a Happy New Year and ask for their help in keeping you top-of-mind for any hiring during the holidays they hear about.

Bonus and Benefit Timing

If your annual bonus is paid out at the end of the calendar year, you definitely should be looking starting now. If your bonus is paid out in the first quarter, starting in December makes sense as most companies will wait a bit longer for you to start if it means you can get your bonus. The hiring market is so competitive right now, you might be able to get a sign-on bonus to encourage you to forego waiting for the end of quarter bonus payout.

There are some advantages to starting a new job before the New Year. Benefits often kick in on January 1 and you are eligible for a full year’s bonus next year. Often if you start in January your bonus can be pro-rated and you might have to wait a full year for 401K matching to start.

Highlight Your Initiative

Who would you rather hire? The person who continues to job hunt over the holidays or the person who prioritizes their vacation over the opportunities to be had in a booming and less competitive market. Work life balance is important but so is a person who is savvy enough to recognize strategic decision-making in support of their career.

Interested in hiring? Searching for a new job? Contact Smith Hanley Associates’ Market Research Executive Recruiter, Daniel Wilberschied at dwilberschied@smithhanley.com.

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