4th of July


Happy Independence Day from all of the Executive Recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates!


Pharmaceutical Industry


Eda Zullo, Commercial Analytics, ezullo@smithhanley.com


Nancy Ragonese, Sales and Marketing, nragonese@smithhanley.com


Lindsey Bartlett, Consumer Insights, lbartlett@smithhanley.com


Nihar Parikh, Biostatistics and Medical Affairs, nparikh@smithhanley.com


Data Science and Analytics


Nancy Darian, Midwest and Southwest, ndarian@smithhanley.com


Paul Chatlos, East and West Coasts, pchatlos@smithhanley.com


Rory Hauser, Insurance, rhauser@smithhanley.com


Eda Zullo, Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics, ezullo@smithhanley.com

Market Research and Consumer Insights


Lindsey Bartlett, lbartlett@smithhanley.com


Daniel Wilberschied, dwilberschied@smithhanley.com


Actuarial Science


Rory Hauser, rhauser@smithhanley.com


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