{Slideshare} 15 Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions

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1. 15 Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions
2.  You’ve prepared for common interview questions.
3.  But, how do you prepare specifically for a pharmaceutical sales interview?
4.  Here are 15 sample behavioral interview questions to help you prepare.   Good luck!
5.  Tell me about a time you had to sell a product to someone who didn’t know you.
6.  Tell me about a time you heard “no” repeatedly, even though you felt you had rapport with the lead.  What did you do?
7.  How competitive are you on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least and 10 being the most) and why?
8.  Are you a lucky person?
9.  Give an example of a time you disagreed with your supervisor and how you handled it.
10.  What have you done to increase your margins?
11.  What is your typical day like?
12.  What is the most irritating part of your day?
13.  Marketing provides resources to help you promote your product.  Which tool is the most important in helping you reinforce your message to the doctor?
14.  How do you use your computer/ipad on a sales call?
15.  Tell me when you made a mistake on a sales call?
16.  Make a product presentation to me.
17.  What ethical dilemma have you experienced?
18.   How do you handle the situation when a doctor cancels at the last second before a lunch and learn?
19.  What is your pharmaceutical sales brag book?  When did you last update it?
20.  Looking for more interview and pharma job search tips?
21.  Contact Jacque Paige, Partner, Smith Hanley Associates, 203.319-4310

For pharmaceutical sales and marketing hiring needs or if you are conducting a job search, contact Smith Hanley Associates Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Recruiter Nancy Ragonese at nragonese@smithhanley.com.

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