How to Successfully Connect with a Recruiter on LinkedIn {Infographic}

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Connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn


  1. How to Successfully Connect with a Recruiter on LinkedIn  {Infographic}
  2. If you’re not connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn, you could be missing out on recruiter-only openings.  Follow these steps to connect with a recruiter that is right for you.
  3. Reset your privacy settings and status.
  4. Allow others to see your name and heading when you view their profile.
  5. Set your status to ‘actively applying.’
  6. Update the job titles and industries you are interested in.
  7. Be comprehensive in listing titles that match your interests.
  8. Research to do to connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn
  9. Type in your industry and the word recruiter.  Sort by location if you prefer working with local recruiters.
  10. Avoid recruiters who can’t even be bothered taking the time to create a strong LinkedIn profile.
  11. Assess recruiter profiles to find ones that are well-presented and match your preferred field.
  12. Engaged recruiters will notice you viewing their profile and should reach out to you.
  13. Optimize Keywords to successfully connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn
  14. Add appropriate keywords to your profile in multiple locations to attract recruiters in your niche.
  15. Include them in your title, personal summary and latest job descriptions.
  16. Ask colleagues to endorse you for those keywords on LinkedIn.
  17. Send personalized connect requests.
  18. Choose recruiters appropriate to your career path and send them a personalized request.
  19. Once you have successfully connected, send a personal note with your resume attached.
  20. Your goal is to make it easy for them to work with you, so send it even if it repeats your LinkedIn info.
  21. Treat recruiters like any other networking contact.
  22. A recruiter who specializes in your niche can be an invaluable contact throughout your entire career.
  23. Find ways to connect; people go the extra mile for those they like.
  24. Take the time to build rapport with your recruiter just as you would with a potential hiring manager.
  25. Have realistic expectations to successfully connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn.
  26. The recruiter is paid by the company.  Their priority is find the perfect candidate.
  27. They are not a private career advisor, so be courteous and understanding of their time.
  28. Chances are they’ll remember that when an appropriate position comes up.
  29. Keep in touch.
  30. Don’t call your recruiter every few days. An email once a month or so should be plenty.
  31. Let them know if you are still available and still interested.
  32. Inform them if your title or compensation changes.
  33. Successfully connecting with recruiters can pay off for your long-range career strategy.
  34. The Executive Recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates would love to successfully connect with you.
  35. www.smithhanley.com



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