ways to blow a job interview


Let’s make this simple. Here are eight ways to blow a job interview.  Make sure you don’t do any of them before your next phone, skype, zoom or on-site job interview.

ways to blow a job interview


  1.  8 Ways to Blow a Job Interview

  2.  Not Doing Your Homework:  Don’t skip researching the company and the interviewer.  Vist the company website to learn what is “hot” or not at this firm.  formulate questions around topics the company will find the most relevant.  compare the job description to your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Not Practicing:  Practice answers to common interview questions.  Even if those specific questions don’t come up, your thoughts will be organized.  It will also make you more articulate and avoid “ums, likes, literally, and more ums.” You want to shine on difficult questions and preparation will make that happen.
  4. Vagueness:  Fuzzy resume facts. Vague answers to questions. lack of knowledge about the company.  any of these will blow a job interview for you.  Be honest.  Be upfront. Be specific.  Prepare answers for tricky questions that are likely to come up.  Evading tough questions only makes things worse.
  5. Sloppiness:  Late arrivals. last-minute cancellations. Poor grooming.  They can all contribute to the impression you make.  Overdress for the interview.  Pay attention to your body language.  It can make all the difference in landing the job.
  6. Talking Too Much:  Dominating the interview is no way to impress.  Interviews should be like a natural conversation.  Don’t ramble or say things you shouldn’t. Never badmouth prior employers or stretch the truth.
  7. Being Too Familiar:  Getting along with your interviewer is great.  But, they are not your friends; they are your potential employers. Keep the conversation professional. Informality can indicate a lack of professionalism or respect.
  8. Not Being Nice:  For in-person interviews, it’s important to be polite to everyone you encounter.  In remote interviews, patience is critical.  Technical problems happen.  Your reaction can come back to haunt you.  Do your best to avoid interruptions on your screen or in your room when interviewing.  The most important nice thing you can do is ENGAGE!
  9. Failing to Follow-Up:  The last way to blow a job interview is probably the most critical.  End the interview on a positive note. Try to discuss the next steps at the end of the interview.  If you fail to get anything concrete, email, or call back in a couple of days.  Always, always send a thank you note.
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