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After a tough year we are all searching for good news and a restoration of our faith in humanity. Here are some thank-you stories from the recruiters at Smith Hanley to help you feel better in a season that should be filled with hope and joy.

Nihar Parikh, Clinical Recruiter

A recent thank you I received was from a woman who works at the front desk in my condo building. My mom had dropped off homemade sandwiches for me, but I ended up giving them to the security staff working that day. Unbeknownst to me, it turned out this woman had gotten robbed on the train earlier that week, and was shaken from the incident. She told me giving those sandwiches to the security staff restored some of her faith in people’s “goodness.”  A Faith in humanity moment.

Chris Buckley, Actuarial Recruiter

My most gratifying thank-yous have come from the parents of kids I coached in AAU basketball. I sometimes paid for the player’s tournament fees, uniforms, travel, hotels and food out of my own pocket when their families couldn’t afford it. Not only did it feel like the right thing to do at the time, I recently had one of those players contact me to tell me my help and AAU basketball had probably saved his life. Whoa! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Nancy Darian, Data Science and Analytics Recruiter

Years after placing a candidate, she contacted me and thanked me for being instrumental in advancing her career. It was great to hear that I could help someone in that way and great that she took the time to say thank-you.

Paul Chatlos, Data Science and Analytics Recruiter

My girlfriend’s eight year old son made me a card a few years ago that I still have on the fridge. “Dear Paul, Thank you for everything that you do for me. Mom, Bella and me are your best friends. You mean a lot to us.” It touched me in a way no thank you had ever done before. Kids are great!

Rory Hauser, Actuarial Recruiter

I had a candidate who was begrudgingly on the market. He told me he had walked away from a few offers because he just knew there was something better out there. After he interviewed with my client, he told me this was the job he had waited for. When he got the job offer you could hear the excitement and appreciation in his voice. I remember feeling really happy for him and also happy I could make a difference like that.

Eda Zullo, Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics Recruiter

The Northeast had some wild weather in 2020. We had a hurricane and a tornado in the month of August alone. The electricity in my neighborhood was out for 10 days and 4 days respectively. Luckily, my house had a generator. We opened up our home to our neighbors to store food, charge their cell phones and to sleep in a cooler environment. One of my neighbors, who lives alone, said I was the only person on the street that offered her a place to cool down and take a hot shower. She was ever so grateful! I responded, “Just like the pandemic, we are all in this together.”  Keeping our faith in humanity.

Lindsey Bartlett, Market Research Recruiter

Waiting in line at the doctor’s office the person in front of me was rude and aggressive toward the receptionist, probably not an uncommon occurrence. When it was my turn, without a lot of thought, I told the receptionist she was doing a great job and half-jokingly added, to not let ignorant people get you down. She smiled and checked me in. But on my next doctor’s visit the receptionist told me she had been having a particularly bad day and my support really turned the day around for her. The lesson I learned is never to hold back from saying something nice or positive. You never know when your words will make a difference.

Daniel Wilberschied, Market Research Recruiter

During college I worked part-time at a grocery store. While doing my usual routine of stocking the shelves I noticed a young boy who was slowly walking down the aisles and crying. Clearly he had lost his parents and they were probably as terrified as he was. I helped the child find his parents and they were so thankful and appreciative. It took such a small amount of effort on my part to be kind and help these people out and yet it clearly was a big deal to them. Remembering to do the little, nice things is something we could use more of.

Here is hoping for more thank-yous that rock our world in 2021. Interested in hiring or looking for a job? Reach out to the Recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates.



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