cinco de mayo


What holiday is celebrated far more enthusiastically in the United States than in Mexico?

Cinco de Mayo or May 5.


Why don’t the Mexicans celebrate it?

It is the celebration of an improbable Mexican military victory on May 5, 1862 against the French army led by Napoleon III.  It is called the Battle of Puebla and the people of that Mexican region do celebrate it, but because the war was lost and the French ruled Mexico for the next five years the battle was never recognized nationally.


Why do the Americans celebrate it so enthusiastically?

Southern California started celebrating the holiday in 1863 to express solidarity with Mexico and to celebrate success against external rule. Success the U.S. had only just realized a few years before itself. In 1933 President Roosevelt created a “Good Neighbor Policy” to improve relations with Latin America and Cinco de Mayo was one of the cultural celebrations America supported. In the ’60s and ’70s Cinco de Mayo was associated with the Chicano Rights Movement giving it increased credibility.  But the holiday didn’t go mainstream until the 1980’s when ad campaigns by beer importers like Modelo and Corona highlighted it.  Good ol’ ad campaigns made it into the holiday it is today in the U.S.


Where is the biggest celebration of Cinco de Mayo?

Denver has the biggest Cinco de Mayo celebration anywhere with an estimated 400,000 people in attendance at the two day event.


What does one do on Cinco de Mayo?

Eat Mexican food and drink margaritas!  This year make room for celebrating Mexican culture and heritage as well now that you know the real reason the holiday exists.  Perhaps celebrate advertising ingenuity as well.


The recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates look forward to celebrating both Cinco de Mayo and the return of the job market as we make our way out of this pandemic.


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