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We are at better than full employment according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Doesn’t that mean it should be easy to find a job? Yet when you talk to your recruiter, if you can get her on the phone, it sure doesn’t feel like love. Why doesn’t your recruiter love you?

Not the Right Recruiter

Even though recruiters have access to numerous jobs, if you aren’t talking to a recruiter whose jobs match your experience, they won’t be able to help you. The best recruiters specialize in a certain functional area. They know every company and every career path within that niche. They will want to know you if your experience is in that niche. If it isn’t, find another recruiter.

Remember Who is Paying

Recruiters are paid by the companies who are seeking to hire. Most recruiters don’t make money unless they fill the position. Good recruiters want to find candidates who fit their openings and they make more money when the effectively do that. Ethical recruiters don’t take payment from job seekers because they would be double dipping – getting paid by the company and by the candidate. You don’t want to work with those recruiters because they will take your money and fail at finding you a job since they’ve forgotten who is or should be the only side paying them.

Technology has Rendered the Resume Almost Useless

As any job searcher knows sending your resume to an ad on any site, LinkedIn, Indeed, JobRecruiter, Glassdoor, usually means you are sending it into a black hole. The ease with which resumes can be sent means way too many resumes are being sent. Unqualified, marginally qualified and even qualified candidates are all going into the same pool. The pool becomes too deep for any overworked HR person to cope with. The situation worsens when unqualified candidates put essential keywords on their resumes even when they aren’t qualified to have that keyword on their resume. Companies have to rely on recruiters to sort through the morass. So, again, getting to the right recruiter will make a hiring company and your recruiter love you.

Take Your Recruiter’s Advice

When finally your recruiter loves you, take every recommendation and advice they give you and implement them, immediately. If your background is a match for a recruiter, you are potential money in their pocket. They will make sure you represent yourself in the most accurate, clear manner possible to their client. They will redo your resume. They will prep you for every interview. They will advise you on your presentation. They will intercede for you on every offer discussion. They will find you a job because you’re going to make their client happy and, in turn, they will be happy. You will experience recruiter love..

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