Summer Job Search


The trees are blooming, the days are lengthening and the air is warm again. Ahhhh, summer. Probably more than any season you spend these 4 or 5 months focusing on your time outside of the office. Work still goes on but there is a loosening of the intensity. Maybe you are considering tabling your summer job search until after Labor Day. Don’t do it! All of those things that make summer a more relaxing time lend themselves to a more successful job search.

Bonus Payouts

Timing is everything. Even though budgets are available starting January 1, many candidates don’t make themselves available until after they receive their bonus payouts, often as late as the end of March. The first quarter, then, is a bit of a stop and start recruiting time. When April hits there is a ramp up of energy in the job market. Employment is at a 40 year low and candidates are making themselves available. May college and advanced degreed graduates also add a new zest and resource to the job market. Companies recognize this and redouble their efforts to capture the best candidates.  Make sure you are in the mix.

Less Competition

If “everyone” thinks summer job searches are less productive and so “everyone” stops searching, then how does that impact those who do stay on the market? They face less competition in a summer job search. Months where the number of job advertisements exceed the yearly average include May and June according to a study done by Don’t fall into the trap of what “everyone” thinks.

Less Busy

The less intense days of summer work in your favor and in the hiring manager’s favor. You will find it easier to take time off, or use your half day Fridays for interviewing. More PTO in the summer is expected and you won’t set off alarms or feel like you have to lie to leave early. The hiring manager will also feel more flexibility in their schedule as associates take more vacations and project timetables slow down as a result. Hiring managers can focus more time and attention on filling open positions.

Networking is Easier

Who doesn’t like to have a drink after work on the patio at the new restaurant in town? Just like it is easier for you to take time off, potential networking contacts are more amenable to meeting with you and chatting about your career and potential opportunities. Summer is tailor made for expanding your network of new acquaintances and old colleagues.

So don’t give up on a summer job search. Heat up your career right along with the weather. Contact the Recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates for all your summer job search or summer hiring needs.

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