ComScore’s June 2017 ranking of the top 50 multi-platform properties has LinkedIn as #16! Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon are #1-5. This is pretty heady company for a professional networking site. It highlights the value of being on this site for more than just job hunting.

Professional Networking

There are reasons to reach out to professional in your area of expertise beyond a job search. Sales people definitely know the value of searching for a client or prospect on LinkedIn, but reaching out to researchers or analysts trying to solve the same problems you are can be invaluable in progressing your work. Perhaps you just need the affirmation of what you are doing is the most that can be done.

Of course, creating a network of professionals working in your area of expertise will pay off when you do need to initiate a job hunt. It’s just that it isn’t the only reason to utilize LinkedIn’s network.

News Feed

Get a customized news feed delivered daily. If you have done a good job networking with the people relevant to your work your daily news feed will keep you informed of things you should know that could impact your job. You can customize how your news is displayed and what categories you are interested in reading about. Finding out what your peers are reading can be very informative.

Opportunities Come to You

Yes, recruiters look for passive candidates based on the information you have on LinkedIn. You might not be looking for a new job, but one could come and find you. But that isn’t the only type of opportunity that could come your way on LinkedIn. You will be better informed of conferences, possible speaking engagements or opportunities to write an article for a professional journal the better targeted and larger your network is. Perhaps you can recruit someone for your firm based on the professional interaction you have with them on LinkedIn.

Your Information Stays Current

There is something about the online profile on LinkedIn that is easier to keep current. How often have you mentally kicked yourself for not updating your resume while you can still remember what you did three positions ago? But if you keep even moderately in touch with your LinkedIn network or news feed, you will update your profile on a much more regular basis. You want your contacts to know what you are doing now. When the time comes for a job search, your information is already up-to-date.

Of course, LinkedIn is also great to utilize for a job search. If you are interested in conducting one, contact the recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates.

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