Actuarial Science continues to be a dynamic career choice. Smith Hanley Associates experienced 40% actuarial placement growth in 2017 due to the addition of some new and exciting clients in unique applications and unique industries, as well as growth in our core consulting and carrier business. Before we flip the calendar page to 2018 we would like to share with you some of our more exciting actuarial recruitment developments over the past year.

Expansion into the Hedge Fund Industry

Building off Smith Hanley’s existing Wall Street business our actuarial science team has seen significant growth within the financial services sector. One asset class which has done particularly well is the life settlements industry where hybrid actuaries with data science specific backgrounds are making an impact. This uncorrelated asset class uses an actuary’s ability to not only understand policy makeup, but apply their skills as they build more accurate mortality and longevity models.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Another expansion from Smith Hanley existing business lines has produced positive returns for our actuarial science team over the last year. The pharmaceutical industry has long been a primary focus of Smith Hanley’s other recruiting practices of commercial analytics and biostatistics and in recent months those existing clients have begun to seek us out for actuarial talent. We have partnerships with several large pharmaceutical entities looking to add the actuarial discipline to their existing analytics business.

Actuarial Core Businesses

Even as Smith Haley continues to push the boundaries of the actuarial science field we remain committed to our current client base servicing large insurance entities and consulting partners alike. With several VP, Partner, and Chief Actuary placements over the last calendar year we remain committed to servicing our core business as we continue to build our relationships through senior level placement.

Interested in making a move or hiring an Actuary? Contact Smith Hanley Associates Actuarial Practice Lead, Rory Hauser, at or 203.319-4305.


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