Mind-Boggling Big Data Statistics – Fact or Fiction?!

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Every statistic about Big Data is mind-boggling but many of them seem to be without cited sources and are used over and over again as they take on a life and an accepted truth of their own on the internet. We’ve made some comparisons between a September 2015 blog by Forbes and more recent statistics. It is interesting to see how variable the numbers are.

Ah. Also, helps to know Big Data measurement terminology. While many of these terms aren’t in widespread use, they will be soon if the statistics below hold true.

Byte (a single character)
Kilobyte or KB (1 milliion bytes, equivalent to a very short story)
Gigabyte or GB (1 billion bytes, equivalent to a made for TV movie )
Terabyte or TB (1 trillion bytes, equivalent to all the xrays in a large hospital)
Petabyte or PT (2 PT equivalent to all academic research library information)
Exabyte or EB (5 EB equals all words everyspoken by human beings)
Zettabyte or ZB (equal to 1000 Exabytes)
Yottabyte or YB (equal to 1000 Zettabytes or one septillion bytes. Named for Yoda)

We seem to be at the Zettabyte level but once we’ve exhausted Zettabytes, Yottabytes, Xenottabyte, Shilentnobyte and Domegemegrottebyte are waiting in the wings.


Internet Traffic

1.3 Zettabytes by 2016 (2012 PC Review blog)
4.4 Zettabytes 2015 Actual (2015 Forbes blog)
2.7 Zettabytes exist in 2017 (2017 MarTech Blog)
44 Zettabytes predicted for 2020 (2015 Forbes blog)

YouTube Videos

300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute (2015 Forbes blog)
48 Hours of new YouTube video added every minute (2017 Waterford Technologies blog)

Smartphone Users

2016 2.1 billion, 2017 2.32 billion, 2018 2.53 billion, 2019 2.71 billion and 2020 2.87 billion (Statista.com 2017 blog)
2020 Prediction of 6.1 billion (2015 Forbes blog)

Google Searches

3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year. (2015 Forbes blog)
Same numbers today?! In fact you can watch the number of searches being done on Google live.

Facebook Users

August 2015 1 Billion users in a single day (2015 Forbes blog)
June 2017 1.32 billion daily active users (Zephoria.com published statistics)


Bottom line, there is a lotta data that needs to be corralled and analyzed which means a lotta jobs now and in the future for those with the software and statistical skills to do the work. Interested in pursuing this career path? Contact Smith Hanley Associates‘ Data Science and Analytics Executive Recruiter, Paul Chatlos, at 203.319-4304 or pchatlos@smithhanley.com



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