18 Resume No-no’s

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Two minutes. Twenty seconds. Six seconds. Research quoted times for how long someone will look at your resume. DO NOT clutter your resume with these 18 unnecessary items.



1. Your full legal name
Put the name you go by at the top of the resume. This is not a legal document.

2. Your street address
Privacy concerns dictate this. You can put your city and state, if you are looking at only local opportunities.

3. Multiple phone numbers
Use your cell phone number not home or work and certainly not all three.

4. Multiple email addresses
Use one that is professional and that you check regularly.

5. Social media URL’s or icons
Do include your Linkedin profile URL.

6. Pictures
Don’t include portraits, avatars, or, really, pictures of any kind.

7. Graphics, embedded tables, headers or footers, color or unusual fonts
If you are a creative, keep that expertise in your portfolio.

8. An objective
Objectives are usually so general as to not be useful, or so specific you are eliminated from consideration. Address your fit for the position you are applying for in your cover email.

9. Discriminatory information
Personal details like marital status, nationality, political affiliation or spiritual beliefs.

10. Bad grammar and buzzwords

11. Typos

12. Jargon or abbreviations

13. Reasons why you left previous positions

Leave this for the interview….but be prepared.

14. Salary history

15. Use of first person (I or me)
And don’t refer to yourself in the third person either!

16. References
Don’t even include the phrase “References available upon request.”

17. Length longer than two pages

If you have less than five years experience, one page should suffice.  Two is fine if you have relevant information to share that requires it.

18. Naming your resume “RESUME”
Your resume file name should be your name and the date it was prepared.

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