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Why You Should Use a Niche Recruiter to Fill Your Opening

1. Recruiters spend every day, day in and day out, finding the specialized candidates you need. They don’t just talk to ad responses. They attend professional conferences and seminars talking to passive candidates and turning them into active candidates. They have in-house databases of thousands of candidates that do what you are looking for whom they can reach out to instantaneously to address your need.

2. Recruiters are terrific at defining your need and your ideal candidate. If there is an unusual aspect to the position, they can tell you the impact that will have on the search and the salary you will need to pay. The best recruiters have such a long tenure in their niche they can give you the pros and cons of your job description and set your expectations realistically.

3. Recruiters know how to package your position and your company to attract the best candidates. You know how to define your company, but recruiters know what aspects of that definition will appeal or repel candidates. They can match the candidate to your company culture.

4. Recruiters will fill your position more efficiently and quickly than your staff can. Specialized searches require learning curve time for talent acquisition staff. Niche recruiters don’t have that ramp up time which saves you money. Do you want line managers and leaders in your firm, who know what the needs of the position are, spending time searching LinkedIn and Monster?

5. Recruiters are able to get inside information not typically available to you. Because they are a third party, not the employer or the potential employee, candidates will share concerns and issues with them more easily. This allows the recruiter to address those issues before they become a rejection or your opening.

6. Recruiters have credibility with hiring managers and candidates. Using a recruiter who is known in a niche space makes your internal staff more comfortable you are doing everything possible to fill their need, and that the candidates that will be sourced will be on target.

7. Recruiters keep you focused on filling the position. Because all they do is recruit in this niche, they aren’t distracted by a variety of different openings and different job responsibilities, as you are.

8. You won’t need to see as many candidates to get a top person hired. Specialized recruiters will have already screened the B and C candidates out. You will get fewer resumes in your in box but they will be right on-target.
9. Recruiter’s work is guaranteed. If you hire without a recruiter, all of the time spent on that hire is lost money. Recruiters will refund their fee if their candidate doesn’t work out.

10. Recruiters work on a contingent basis. What other professional service company will accept only getting paid once the job is filled? They receive nothing for their work in defining the job, selling the company, sourcing candidates, interviewing and prepping and negotiating the offer, unless they fill the position. This makes them very motivated to fill your position!

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