Do you pop your head over the top of your neighbor’s partition?  Do you peek into every cubicle you pass?  You are a cubicle prairie dog and need to practice better cubicle etiquette.

1.  Act like cubicles have walls and doors.  Don’t prairie dog and don’t barge in.  Only enter your associate’s work space when invited.

2.  Don’t join in conversations you happen to eavesdrop on.  Comments that aren’t directed at you don’t require or need your input.

3.  Ask yourself what your office decoration says about you before you add it to your cube.  It is professional?  Is it distracting?  Is it just too much?

4.  Avoid being a source of odors.  Keep lunch in the kitchen or outside of the office.

5.  Don’t contribute to noise pollution.  Keep conversations out of the hallways.  Mute your screensaver and your personal cell phone.  Set your work phone ringer on low.  Don’t even think about playing music!

If you would like to upgrade from a cubicle to an office, or simply find a new cube, contact Executive Recruiters, Smith Hanley Associates at  We’d like to help!

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