Hiring 3D figureA great recruiter can make your job search or filling your hiring need far easier than going it alone. If you’ve worked with the same recruiter throughout your career or for other openings, they will know your expectations and exceptions without you telling them. The openness that comes from working together over time will pay off big dividends in the advice and options you receive.

How to find that great recruiter?

As any good real estate agent will tell you, purchasing property is all about location, location, location. Finding the right recruiter is about referral, referral, referral. Ask your associates whom they have worked with. When interviewing on behalf of your firm, see where the resumes are coming from. See what recruiters advertise in professional journals or are recommended by associations in your profession. If possible, see who your boss or your competitors are connected to in linkedin. Getting the name of a recruiter from someone you respect is the right place to start.

Interview the recruiter

Every professional recruiter should have a good website with a clear explanation of their recruiting area and their history in that recruiting area. If their recruiting niche is your career niche, that is a great match.

When you speak with them are they articulate and professional or do they come across as a used car salesman? Are they polite? Are they timely in returning your call, and can they answer your questions or get the answers to your questions quickly? If they profess a specialty niche, are they knowledgeable about that niche? How long have they been recruiting? Job-hopping in any career can be a bad sign.

Do they act with integrity and an interest in a long-term relationship? If their only interest is: What can you do for me today? They aren’t the right choice. You want a recruiter that will keep your needs top of mind, whether they have a match for you today or in a year. Your needs include a position or a hire that has the requisite skills but also a match culturally and with the appropriate career progression for the candidate and the company. Recruiters who ask the right interview questions will be able to address those needs.

Do you have a natural rapport with the recruiter? After reviewing their website and interviewing them as they interview you, go with your gut. If the recruiter is knowledgeable, articulate, professional and a specialist in your niche they are the right recruiter for you.

Recruiter tenure at Smith Hanley Associates is 10+ years. We recruit in the specialty niches of business analytics, market research, direct marketing, credit policy, credit risk, pharmaceutical sales forecasting and information technology. Put our expertise to use for you!

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