How To Create and Maintain Business Growth

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Even in this still uncertain economy, it’s not pie-in-the-sky thinking to imagine new ways to grow your business. And one great way is not complicated: if you want your business to grow, you need to hire leaders – people who will create growth for your business by making it unforgettable.

No, your company doesn’t have to do anything wacky. What you need to do is be extraordinary. Being ordinary won’t get you anywhere. Success is about being unforgettable in your marketplace or niche, so find the leaders who will make it happen.

What are the habits and qualities that highly effective leaders practice to create winning organizations? They:

  1. Call employees “those that work with me,” not “my employees” or “my people.”
  2. Set goals with others and teach others to write their own goals down.
  3. Ensure goals are measurable.
  4. Create goals that are both realistic and unrealistic.
  5. Encourage mentors at all levels.
  6. Provide value to others before others need value from them.
  7. Are genuinely interested in the needs of others.
  8. Possess sincere desire, authenticity, and integrity
  9. Recognize that all followers will not agree with or “be on board” with what they want.
  10. Allow for the opinions and ideas of others in all matters.
  11. Allow for errors, missteps and mistakes at many levels.
  12. Keep a cool head even in times when the world is falling apart.

As the saying goes, a boss will say, “Go!” A leader will say, “Let’s go!”

The best part is, once established in your company, these habits will spread from one person to another, creating an environment that becomes rich with leaders. A leadership coach, John Hershey, perfectly stated in a keynote address  how this, in turn, creates several additional benefits:

  • Diminished attrition
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved optimism and creativity
  • Enhanced communication
  • More effective teamwork

J.W. Marriott Jr., executive chairman and former CEO of Marriott International, once said, “The four most important words in the English language are, ‘What do you think?’ Listen to your people and learn.”

Have you created a culture of “contagious leadership” in your company? Have you given your budding leaders the power to make your company distinctive by working collaboratively and taking risks? Do you create great experiences for both customers and employees?

At Smith Hanley, our decades of experience have taught us how to spot people with great leadership qualities. Could your team use a boost? Contact us today to ask how we can help your company achieve more by hiring the right people!

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