Market Research Interview Preparation


actuarial interview tips

At the Quirk’s Event on February 23, Smith Hanley Associates‘ Market Research and Consumer Insights Executive Recruiters, Lindsey Bartlett and Daniel Wilberschied, gave a presentation on Confessions of a Headhunter.  One of the items mentioned in their talk was their Market Research Interview Preparation Sheet.  This blog summarizes the main points of that prep sheet. … Read more »

Biostatistics Career – A Choice That Makes a Difference


biostatistics career

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the statistician job will grow 33% from 2019 to 2029 – one of the top ten fastest growing jobs in the U.S. It is in the top five for highest median salary at $91,160. Add in that you will be working in public health and having a positive impact… Read more »

How to Quit Your Job


great resignation

Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to quit your job. No matter how bad the situation, with the exception of physical danger, exiting your job should be done in a way that you don’t burn bridges and you keep the respect of your former supervisor and associates. First, make sure you… Read more »

Happy 41st Birthday, Smith Hanley Associates!


Happy 40th Birthday

Join us in declaring a Happy 41st Birthday for Smith Hanley Associates. It’s appropriate that our birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day.  Our founder, Tom Hanley, had his genealogy done and found out he is 96% Irish. Longevity and consistency are adjectives to describe Smith Hanley. Our average employee tenure is 13 1/2 years with… Read more »

Data Science Interview Preparation – Soft Skills Critical!


data sciene interview preparation

Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Data science interview preparation is often very strong when questions center on statistical and technology skills but often falls apart in the ‘sell’ of soft skills. “Soft skills woven into the story of your work experience is often what makes the difference in… Read more »

Pharma Sales Rep Post Pandemic – The New Normal


pharma sales rep new normal

Virtual engagement hasn’t just taken over your extended family interaction and social life during the pandemic. Virtual interactions changed the ways pharma sales reps interacted with healthcare providers (HCPs) during the pandemic and into the foreseeable future, What is the pharma sales rep post pandemic new normal? Accenture conducted a survey of 720 HCPs in… Read more »

What States and Cities Have Salary History Bans? {Slideshare}


As an update to our 2019 slideshare shown below, we reviewed new states and cities with salary history bans on asking prospective employees.  When we wrote the slidehshare in 2019 there seemed to be momentum for salary history bans to become a federal law called the Paycheck Fairness Act.  That has not happened and while… Read more »

Market Research Hiring Marketplace – The Quirk’s Event


market research hiring marketplace

Confessions of a Headhunter was presented at The Quirk’s Event by Smith Hanley Associates’ Market Research and Consumer Insights Executive Recruiters, Lindsey Bartlett and Daniel Wilberschied.  Daniel summarizes part of their presentation in this blog. Generally what we are seeing in the marketplace is a highly competitive, active space. There is a large influx of… Read more »

{Slideshare} 7 Interview Salary Discussion No-no’s


interview salary discussion

With all the new laws regarding revealing your current compensation in the interview process, or legally not being asked about it, it pays to think through how you will handle an interview salary discussion.  Yes, the client can’t ask your current salary but that doesn’t mean you should keep it a secret, if it will… Read more »

{Infographic} I’m an Actuary. How Can I Become a Data Scientist?


    Data Scientists are having all the fun! All the talk now is about data scientists. Feel like you are missing out? Leverage your success in the actuarial field by adding data science skills to your portfolio.  It will boost your overall occupational outlook.  Start in a data-rich environment like P&C or Health and… Read more »