Leveraging Pharmaceutical Advanced Analytics


leveraging pharmaceutical advanced analytics

“Without a doubt, leveraging advanced analytics presents a real and significant opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry,” reports McKinsey in a 2018 article. Pharmaceutical companies know this, they just don’t know how to achieve and quantify business impact beyond hiring the data scientists and investing in the IT infrastructure. McKinsey puts forth five key principles companies… Read more »

The Great Resignation


great resignation

Microsoft’s Annual Work Trends Index reported recently that 41% of the global workforce is thinking of leaving their jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported a 20 year record when 4 million people quit their jobs in April 2021. Have we survived the Great Pandemic to now experience an economy-busting Great Resignation? No… Read more »

Happy Independence Day!


Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day from all of the Executive Recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates!   Pharmaceutical Industry   Eda Zullo, Commercial Analytics, ezullo@smithhanley.com   Nancy Ragonese, Sales and Marketing, nragonese@smithhanley.com   Lindsey Bartlett, Consumer Insights, lbartlett@smithhanley.com   Nihar Parikh, Biostatistics and Medical Affairs, nparikh@smithhanley.com   Data Science and Analytics   Nancy Darian, Midwest and Southwest, ndarian@smithhanley.com… Read more »

How to Get the Attention of a Recruiter


How to get the attention of a recruiter

What’s the best approach to get the attention of a recruiter? Should you call them out of the blue, message them over LinkedIn or is there another, more effective strategy? As an experienced recruiter, Smith Hanley Associates’ Data Science and Analytics Recruiter, Nancy Darian, says “What gets our attention is a really well written resume… Read more »

Greatest Weakness Interview Question Dos and Don’ts AND Sample Answers


Greatest Weakness Interview Question

How best to answer the greatest weakness interview question? Which can be disguised as: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? or What are the parts of this job that will be the most challenging for you? or What is something you could have done differently? or What would your… Read more »

Data Scientist Job Outlook in a Post-Pandemic World


Data Scientist Job Outlook

Tech Target Network recently highlighted the thoughts of Smith Hanley Associates’ Data Science and Analytics Recruiter, Nancy Darian, on the data scientist job outlook in a post-pandemic world.  Joseph Carew and Kara Joyce wrote and edited the article for publication on May 7, 2021. The data scientist job outlook remains positive despite a year of… Read more »

How to Get Your Resume Noticed in this Hot Job Market


resume noticed

The Market Research job landscape is the most competitive we’ve seen in years. How do you make sure to get your resume noticed by a recruiter or hiring manager? The harsh reality is that you could be one of 500 candidates that applied for a job that might have had only100 applications at this same… Read more »

Biomanufacturing is the Future of Biotechnology



“Biomanufacturing isn’t just about making our current materials more cheaply,” says John Cumbers, a biologist and founder of SynBioBeta, an activity hub for synthetic biology start-up companies. “It is also about bringing incredible new products to market that outperform the best products that conventional chemistry can give us now. By learning from and building upon… Read more »

Will the Option to Work Remotely Exist in Six Months?


work remotely

IBM followed Yahoo in ending the option to work remotely across their organization…in 2017. How are companies and employees handling the transition in work location brought about by mass vaccination, or, dare we say, the end of the pandemic? As of March 29, 2021 24.2% of employees in ten major U.S. cities were going into… Read more »