Neuromarketing Research and the Benefits for Consumer Insights


neuromarketing research

Traditional market research tries to understand a consumer’s decision-making process from a conscious viewpoint, while neuromarketing research aims to understand customer behavior through physiological responses. Sometimes consumer’s may hold one view consciously while subconsciously believing something else. This is known as cognitive dissonance. Customer surveys and focus groups might not reveal this dichotomy. “Neuromarketing research… Read more »

Federal Price Transparency Rule for Health Care – A Game Changer?


federal price transparency rule

In 2019 Seema Verma, Chief of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), promised the federal price transparency rule to be implemented in January of 2021 would “upend the status quo to empower patients and put them first.” Six months into the sharing of this information what have we learned? What the Federal Price… Read more »

6 Best Insurance Companies for an Actuary to Work For – Updated!


best insurance companies for an actuary

Our 2017 blog on the 6 Best Companies for an Actuary to Work For was wildly popular. In trying to figure out why it was so popular it became clear there aren’t very many top ten lists for actuarial employment concerns. Insurance companies get lumped in with financial services firms and as critical as actuaries… Read more »

Using Analytics in Big Pharma Digital Marketing


using analytics in big pharma digital marketing

“Analytics are becoming more predictive, programmatic, and intuitive for pharmaceutical companies, and it’s now possible to deliver alerts and next-best actions seamlessly,” says Leilani Latimer, VP Global Marketing, Zephyr Health. “Solutions that anticipate market needs and operationalize important changes, such as a formulary status change, or responses to a nonpersonal promotion campaign, let sales and… Read more »

Non-Compete Agreements, Monopsonies and Antitrust Prosecution – Biden To-Do List


non-compete agreements

The current federal administration clearly wants to increase competition in the labor market. This follows efforts by the Obama administration in 2015 to address stagnant wage growth and rising income inequality. Any factor that artificially restricts competition by limiting worker’s choices, restricting their mobility or creating barriers to changing jobs weakens worker’s bargaining position and… Read more »

Actuarial Hot Topics


actuarial hot topics

What are the actuarial hot topics for 2021? What are the research papers, academic projects and dissertations that are being pursued right now, and is the actuarial field ready to make the changes to respond to these hot trends? Climate Change Environmental risk, study of weather extremes and international catastrophe pooling, determining the role of… Read more »

6 Reasons to Partner with a Recruiter


partner with a recruiter

As a candidate on the job hunt, it can be stressful and overwhelming trying to find who to reach out to, how to apply, and how to make sure you are getting in front of the right people. If you partner with a recruiter, you can help medicate the stress of the job hunt. It,… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence Changes from 2020 to 2021


Artificial Intelligence changes

Appen, an artificial intelligence (AI) assisted data annotation platform with 1125 employees globally, recently published a whitepaper entitled The State of AI and Machine Learning. It wasn’t really a comprehensive review of artificial intelligence changes but it did touch on a few interesting points about “How the AI industry continues to evolved in a world… Read more »

Market Research versus Marketing Research – Is There a Difference?


jobs hard to fill

If you aren’t a market researcher, the difference between the terms Market Research versus Marketing Research probably doesn’t keep you up at night. The two terms are often used interchangeably in the market research industry. But clarity in language is an important factor in doing good market research so it does warrant discussion. The critical… Read more »