Digital Transformation and the Pharmaceutical Industry


using analytics in big pharma digital marketing

COVID-19 has made 63% of organizations embrace digital transformation sooner than they had expected as reported in a survey by A similar number said they were making greater investments in technology sooner due to COVID-19. Forty-nine percent said digital transformation was not a strategic priority prior to the pandemic’s onset, but it is now…. Read more »

How Kaggle Can Help Early Career Data Scientists Secure Their First Job



You’ve succeeded in acquiring the academic knowledge needed for the bottom tier of the Successful Data Scientist Pyramid. Everyone accepts that you are too young in your career to have extensive domain knowledge that is the the top tier of the Pyramid. As an early career data scientist how do you get the working knowledge… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Analytics – Past, Present, Future


pharmaceutical analytics

Sometimes previous blogs just keep cropping up as interesting and relevant.  Our blog on pharmaceutical analytics evolution keeps coming to the top of the feed.  Here it is, slightly refreshed, for your reading pleasure. Pharmaceutical Analytics – Past Rely on prescription data to assess the value of a brand. Rely on drug distribution data for… Read more »

How to Negotiate Multiple Job Offers


negotiate multiple job offers

Congratulations! You received a second job offer within hours of the first and can use one for negotiating with the other before you have to make a final decision. Here are some guidelines on how to negotiate multiple job offers professionally and effectively.  All of these points apply whether you are talking it through with… Read more »

How Will the Pandemic Impact Biostatistics?


pandemic impact biostatistics

While the pandemic has been incredibly disruptive to the economy and to the day-to-day life of every individual, how ill the pandemic impact biostatistics? Certainly the development of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines utilizing CRISPR technology was a significant advance in the speed of development and efficacy as compared to almost any vaccine in… Read more »

{Infographic} Why are Data Scientists Frustrated?


data scientists frustrated

Why are Data Scientists Frustrated? In a survey of 64,000 developers, Stack Overflow found 14.3% of machine learning specialists looking for a new job and 13.2% of data scientists. Why are data scientists frustrated and spending 1-2 hours a week looking for a new job? Jonny Brooks, in a KDNuggets blog, outlined for reasons that… Read more »

Interview 101: Be Prepared, Be Honest, Be Thankful


Interview 101

Through forty years of recruiting in the market research field we have distilled down from client feedback words of advice for candidates going through the interview process. We believe following this advice will go a long way in helping you nail your interviews and stand out while doing so. Here are the three key areas… Read more »

How to Write a Resume Executive Summary


resume executive summary

No, we are not talking about a resume objective. Starting out your resume with what YOU want is a definite resume no-no. Remember the 8 second rule? You only have 8 seconds before your resume is deleted. The best resume executive summary highlights your experiences as they pertain to the job you are applying for… Read more »

{Infographic} Top Factors That Influence Your Actuarial Salary


influence your actuarial salary

    1. Top Factors That Influence Your Actuarial Salary 2.  There are many salary tables available to tell you what you should earn at each step in your actuarial career. 3. What they don’t clarify are the different factors that can influence your actuarial salary. 4. Location 5. The first question on the… Read more »

Impacts on a Data Scientist’s Salary


data scientist's salary

Is the United States graduating too many data scientists with computer science, statistics or business analytics degrees? Will this “glut” affect a data scientist’s salary in 2021 and 2022? History did an analysis of the rise and fall and rise again of the data scientist’s salary since 2015. In June 2015 the data scientist’s… Read more »