Counter Offer – Career Kiss of Death


You’ve accepted a new job. You go to your current boss and resign. Flattering words about your value to your current organization and flattering changes to your compensation and your job description ensue. You find yourself seriously considering staying at the job you just resigned from.     More than 50% of all employees who… Read more »

Three Ways to Respond to Illegal Interview Questions


Illegal interview questions are a minefield for job seekers. You may choose not to work for a company with employees who ask these questions, it could say some pretty negative things about their culture, but, then again, it may just be one uninformed person for a job you think you will love. When asked about… Read more »

IoT and Insurtech: Revolutionaries of the Insurance World


The insurance industry is one of the oldest business models around. There are many reasons for its longevity, but the chief reason is that it is incredibly cautious, risk driven and favors experience above innovation. Insurtech aims to wring out efficiency and savings from the incumbent insurance models through this much-feared innovation. It explores areas… Read more »

Asking Everyone and their Brother for Resume Advice


Asking Everyone for Resume Advice

I’m not going to tell you not to seek out resume advice. People feel very exposed when asking someone to critique their personal resume. Naturally they turn to people who love them to give the advice. Unless the people who love you work in the same line of work as you, they CANNOT comment on the… Read more »

Credit Card Crisis Looming?


Credit Card Risk

Excessive subprime mortgage issuances were a fundamental cause of the 2008 economic crisis. Could excessive subprime credit card issuances lead us into another recession? Reuters reported that while big banks do not give clear figures on their profits from credit cards issued, “Executives say cards are among the most profitable of any business with returns… Read more »

Basel IV – Are More Regulations on the Way?


Banking Regulations | Smith Hanley Associates

What can the banking industry expect with the new regulations coming out of Basel? History 2004 Basel II 2008 – 2009 The Financial Crisis!!!!!! 2014 Basel III  (Better known as the Revised Securitization Framework) Formalization of a series of reforms that were implemented after the financial crisis to determine the relevant amount of regulatory capital… Read more »

Biostatistics – Best Graduate Degree of 2016


Fifteen of the top 25 fastest growing industries are health care related. As we reported in our blog of January 22, Glassdoor ranked Data Scientist as the best job in America for 2016. How to marry the two? Consider a career in Biostatistics. The marrying of big data and the ability to use technology to… Read more »

Regulatory Impact and Big Data in the Financial Services Industry


Commercial Analytics Career

Data applications in the financial services industry in 2015 largely focused on reducing risk, meeting regulatory objectives and bolstering fraud detection. There was also an emphasis on expanding the credit population through the use of alternative data. The merits of using big data raised questions and concerns and often resulted in more regulatory interference. Size… Read more »