Why Do People Love to Work With Smith Hanley? {Slideshare}


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Why do people love to work with Smith Hanley? from Smith Hanley Associates Why do people love to work with Smith Hanley? Our clients can tell you for themselves. Great to work with! Employers appreciate that we are smart, thorough and consistently deliver quality candidates. Sean Murphy is an absolute pleasure to work with.  He… Read more »

Market Research Interview Preparation


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At the Quirk’s Event on February 23, Smith Hanley Associates‘ Market Research and Consumer Insights Executive Recruiters, Lindsey Bartlett and Daniel Wilberschied, gave a presentation on Confessions of a Headhunter.  One of the items mentioned in their talk was their Market Research Interview Preparation Sheet.  This blog summarizes the main points of that prep sheet. … Read more »

Biostatistics Career – A Choice That Makes a Difference


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The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the statistician job will grow 33% from 2019 to 2029 – one of the top ten fastest growing jobs in the U.S. It is in the top five for highest median salary at $91,160. Add in that you will be working in public health and having a positive impact… Read more »

Interview Checklist – Prepare, Onsite and Post Interview


Some of these tips may seem overly obvious, but it never hurts to have an interview checklist.   Prepare Research the company! This is critical. You are not expected to know everything about the company, however, you will be expected to discuss and ask intelligent questions about the company. Review their performance in the marketplace…. Read more »

Best Job in America for TWO Successive Years – Data Scientist


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In 2017 Glassdoor proclaimed Data Scientist the best  job in America. Smith Hanley not only shared this with you in a blog but did an infographic as well. History repeats itself in 2018 with Data Scientist again in Glassdoor’s top spot.   Glassdoor ranks positions through a combination of job satisfaction, median salary and number… Read more »

Good and Bad Answers to the 4 Most Common Interview Questions


Yes, practice your answers to 40 common interview questions. Yes, there will be quirky interview questions that will probably justifiably confuse you. But realistically the majority of interviews will really touch on the four questions below. Good answers to these interview questions will get you the job offer. Bad answers will eliminate you from consideration…. Read more »

How to Get Noticed by Recruiters on LinkedIn


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You’ve decided to conduct a job search but can’t seem to get any traction with recruiters. They aren’t calling you and you can’t seem to find the ones that specialize in your area of expertise. Here are three tips for getting noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn.   1. Looking for Opportunities LinkedIn makes it easy… Read more »

Why the Best Candidates are Turning Down Your Job Offer


With everyone pressed for time sometimes the interview process gets short shrift. In this candidate driven, low unemployment marketplace, it pays to reassess your hiring process and make sure simple changes that could be made aren’t costing you top-notch candidates. Your Interview Process is Disorganized Cancellations, rescheduling, gaps in the in-person interview day all send… Read more »

Why LinkedIn is Important Even if You Aren’t Job Hunting


ComScore’s June 2017 ranking of the top 50 multi-platform properties has LinkedIn as #16! Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon are #1-5. This is pretty heady company for a professional networking site. It highlights the value of being on this site for more than just job hunting. Professional Networking There are reasons to reach out… Read more »