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2023 market research trends

2023 Market Research Trends

The market research landscape is ever evolving and every year we see new technology or unique ways to execute research come to the forefront. As Executive Recruiters exclusively in the market research and consumer insights

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market research trends

Market Research Salaries in 2022

The Market Research and Consumer Insights 2022 job market exploded out of the pandemic, and candidates stood their ground in an effort to make remote work happen. Well, it happened. Smith Hanley Associates’ Executive Recruiters

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Better DEI in Market Research

The 2021 Kantar Global MONITOR survey found 65% of customers prioritize buying from companies that actively promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their own business or society as a whole. How can your company

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Avoid Ageism in Hiring

Ageism in Consumer Insights

Dan Quirk presented a sneak peek of the QReport at a recent Insight Community Network meeting. While unemployment is at historically low levels, a substantial percentage of those unemployed within the Insights Industry are over

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