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Category: Interviewing Advice

job interview chit-chat

Job Interview Chit-Chat Tips

Chemistry is established from first impressions and from those idle moments during job interview chit-chat. Building rapport in ways other than the “right” answer to their interview questions is critical in getting the job. If

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thank you note

Interview Thank You Note Musts

Argh!  I have to write an interview thank you note? You’ve just spent all day interviewing. You want to kick back and review your day from the couch. Okay, you can have one drink and

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offer checklist before you accept

Offer Checklist BEFORE You Accept

You love the job and you’ve negotiated a salary you are more than happy with. Don’t accept that job offer yet! Make sure you have answers or have negotiated the following offer checklist BEFORE you

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How to get the attention of a recruiter

How to Get the Attention of a Recruiter

What’s the best approach to get the attention of a recruiter? Should you call them out of the blue, message them over LinkedIn or is there another, more effective strategy? As an experienced recruiter, Smith

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