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Category: Pharmaceutical

pharma M&A deals under scrutiny

Why are Pharma M&A Deals Under Scrutiny?

Of the 156 merger enforcement actions the FTC took against healthcare companies between 1996 and 2021, 73 actions were against prescription drug developers, 38 were against hospitals and clinics and 28 were against medical equipment

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PMSA 2023 conference review

PMSA 2023 Annual Conference Review

Here is what Jing Jin, Director at Sage Therapeutics, had to say on LinkedIn after attending the May 2023 PMSA (Pharmaceutical Management Science Association) Conference in San Diego: “…this transformative event has reenergized my commitment

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biotech pharma layoffs forecast

Biotech and Pharma Layoffs Forecast for 2023

2021 saw record venture capital investment and IPO activity in biotech. One hundred forty-seven companies went public and valuations soared. In 2022 only 25 companies went public and most biotech index funds are down more

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